2016 Calendars are here!!! (And out around town!)

The calendar is NOW AVAILABLE!

The calendar is NOW AVAILABLE!

It’s that time of year again–time to get your Them Days 2016 Labrador calendar!! If you live in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, you can find it around town at Them Days retailers (and of course, at our office)! They are also currently for sale at our north coast retailers. If you don’t live here or the north coast, fear not: you can buy them online through our website!

They’ve been out for a week, and we’ve already got close to half gone from our office, and retailers have already asked to be restocked, so it’s a hot commodity this year! Get yours now! I don’t need to tell you that they’re a great gift idea for Christmas, but I suppose I just did. Give an affordable gift someone will use all year round, and support Them Days at the same time–does it get any better?


PS If you pre-ordered your calendar, it’s on the way!

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Need to Vote but you’re in St. John’s?

I just got this email and I thought it would be of interest to some of our blog readers:checkmark


I’m very pleased to announce that the St. John’s Native Friendship Centre is participating in a pilot project this year to offer advanced polling (voting) at the Native Friendship Centre (716 Water Street)!! This is for the Federal Election.

We will be open for voting 10am-8pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this coming week.

That will be Oct. 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th.

This station will be open for Special Ballots, which means if you’re in town and away from your home district, you can still vote for the candidates in your home district from this voting station!! (example, if you’re in St. John’s for a medical appt, you can vote at SJNFC for your Labrador candidates.)

Attached, please find 2 flyers that you are welcome (and encouraged) to share with your participants/clients/staff.

This polling station is meant to target the often under-represented Aboriginal vote, but this polling station is open to EVERYONE.

The first flyer is about voting at SJNFC (St. John’s Native Friendship Centre). The 2nd flyer is information on what types of ID are accepted for voting this year.

This polling station will ALSO be able to register voters on-site.

This is open to ALL voters!! You yourself are invited to vote here, as well as your friends and family.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Nakummek / Tshinashkumitin / Wela’lin / Thank you

Amelia Reimer, Cultural Support Worker
[and, for Elections Canada: Aboriginal Community Relations Officer]
St. John’s Native Friendship Centre
716 Water Street
St. John’s, NL A1E 1C1

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Ever feel like you need to clone yourself?

This would be really handy. Alas, trying to make a clone right now would eat up too much precious time, and the whole idea of me needing a clone is to get more stuff done in a short period of time, so this would be kind of pointless.

In the meantime, enjoy this little video of the rain and leaves falling yesterday. I was just saying that it would be nice to take some photos while the trees are looking so beautiful, then we get this big downpour and so many leaves came off the trees. Sigh.

Yesterday morning, the rain and the leaves were falling at an impressive rate.

A video posted by Them Days (@themdaysinc) on


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Labour Day

Them Days is closed today, Monday, September 7, for Labour Day. We will reopen tomorrow. Enjoy your holiday!

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Last Day!

Well it’s that time again, my last day of work at Them Days! It’s been a quick 15 weeks here, the fastest summer yet! It actually feels like I just started working here. I’ve worked with some great people and had some good times (all while working very hard of course!) so I believe that’s why. I’ve been busy here and hope that I made it easier on everyone, and I hope I helped out those of you who visited our office, or read this blog. Thanks for reading, by the way! That’s all for me, Aimee will keep this blog goin’ strong so enjoy!

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Labrador Canoe Regatta

So this has been the third regatta I have been to with Them Days, and it was a great time! The weather was actually quite nice despite the rain, which waited to arrive until after our race was finished. There was quite the crowd this year, too! It seemed to be bigger than the last couple of years. The beach was lined with booths, providing lots of foods to eat. There was lots of commotion at Gosling Lake as people cheered on their favourite teams in the races. Kids were enjoying themselves as well. They had some races of their own on the beach in toy vehicles!

Robyn and Sandra

Robyn and Sandra

A big thank you goes out to Hector Blake for the nice vests he donated to us this year. You can see Robyn and Sandra sporting them in the picture above. When I say we had a good showing at the regatta this year it can refer to both our results and our look! As for the novelty race, we placed 4th out of 6 teams, just out of a medal spot. However it was a close race as John Gaudi, Sandra Hollett, Robyn Clark, Allan Bock, Amy Haby, and I made it a close 4th! This race was a bit shorter than last year’s race I believe. We padded around the safety boat, positioned just inside the 1st buoy on the course.

Getting ready

Getting ready

Paddling hard around the safety boat

Paddling hard around the safety boat, great zoom on the camera!


Finishing up!

What a tiring race it was though, but a great one with great people! We missed Aimee though, she couldn’t make it this year. I encourage anyone to sign up in future years, it’s free, too! That’s all for today, thanks for reading!

Group photo after the race! Pictured is Amy, Allan, John, Sandra, Robyn, me, and Amy's daughter Isabella.

Group photo after the race! Pictured is Amy, Allan, John, Sandra, Robyn, me, and Amy’s daughter Isabella.

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A trip to Fog City (when it was surprisingly sunny)

So, St. John’s has officially had its worst July on record, but when I went out there at the end of June (I left on the first of July and missed the weather, haha!) it was actually fairly nice. Sunny. Not particularly hot, mind you, but I’m not much of a heat person anyway.

I’m on the executive of the Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA) and we were having our AGM on the 29th, so off I went to St. John’s. The ANLA AGM is always a good time. You get to meet other archivists (there is always so much joy in finding other people who understand your occupation and deal with the same things), and there’s always a fun activity–plus I get to see all the people I only see on Skype the rest of the year, so I look forward to it. I got back on the executive, yay!


I was looking at art on the wall on the way to the AGM, and came across this piece of art by Daphne’s sister! It was in a display of art by Labradorians.

The AGM was held in the Education Building at Memorial University, so this year’s fun activity was a tour of the on-campus archives. Our first stop was the Folklore and Language Archives. They just had a big renovation, so it was nice to see their brand-new facilities! Some of the original recordings of the first Them Days interviews are held here, so it was exciting to visit. Apparently, I was so excited, I only took one picture:

Rolling stacks mobile shelving

Rolling stacks!!!


locker at MUN

In the MUNnels, some of the lockers are organized by letters, not by numbers. I thought this one was appropriate! (I did not, however, find ALC.)


In the maze of the MUN tunnels (MUNnels)

From there, we headed through the MUNnels and found our way to Archives and Special Collections. I was there back in March, so I’d been there before, but this time, I got to go behind-the-scenes and see inside the archives, not just the reading room. Wow! It was quite extensive.
WWI trench archival exhibit

An awesome archival exhibit on WWI on the second floor of the QEII Library at MUN (Archives and Special Collections). Look at the little trench!!!

From there we visited the English Language Research Centre. This was a pretty awesome visit for somebody who uses the Dictionary of Newfoundland English as much as I do! They’ve got a blog too, called Twig. When we were there, we got to see summer students steadily plugging away at their work (just like Wallace and Robyn are doing right now!) and a really cool, custom-made typewriter.

custom typewriter

One side is a standard English typewriter, the other side has the International Phonetic Alphabet.

And we also went to the Maritime History Archive. I’d been there a couple of times before, most recently when I showed up with a suitcase and a log of moose bologna in tow, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. (Daphne was also there recently when she did the Basic Archives course, and she felt the same way.) The Maritime History Archive is home to some of the most impressive, enormous collections I’ve ever seen. They’ve got a big need for a new space (space restraints, leaks, asbestos restraints, etc.) and I hope they get it. Seriously, they’ve got holdings like you wouldn’t believe!

We ended our tour at the Faculty of Medicine Founders’ Archive. I quite liked their cozy space, and I felt very studious just being there, and seeing all the med students working away in the Health Sciences Library!

Nicole, showing some art while giving a tour of the Founders' Archive

Nicole, showing some art while giving a tour of the Founders’ Archive

After the tour, some members of the executive headed downtown for a pint or two. It was during this post-AGM excursion that I learned one of the other executive members is a big medievalist too. I was totally nerding out. It was fun!

having a pint

Nicole, me, Jenny, and Emily post-AGM.

While I was in St. John’s, I also popped around the bay and visited Charlie Pardy, who is originally from Cartwright and owned a store here in Happy Valley. You can read all about him in the most recent issue of Them Days! As always, Charlie was a delight to visit.

Visiting Charlie Pardy

Charlie Pardy, me, and Beatrix.

I left on July 1, which is, of course, not just Canada Day in this province. Before leaving, I went to the Memorial Day service downtown. It was the first time I’d done that, and I was glad to go and pay tribute to the soldiers.

RNC horses at the Memorial Day service

RNC horses at the Memorial Day service downtown


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