Hello–I’m baaaaack!

Hello everyone!

Aimee here–I’m back from maternity leave! I left in a bit of a hurry last year. On Friday, November 25, I was tidying my office at the end of the day and a thought passed through my mind–what if this is the last time I’m cleaning my office before I’m gone? This place is a mess! 

But I was hungry (very pregnant and very hungry) and I didn’t want to think about the possibility of not being back on Monday, so I pushed that thought out of my head.

Well, that night my partner John and I went to the movies. And after the movie was over, I stood up and felt a kind of popping. That was my water breaking. So I didn’t make it back to work after all!

I did return on Monday morning, baby in tow, just to welcome Janice (we were supposed to start training that day) and let everyone know a few basic things before I went back home again, but that was the beginning of maternity leave!

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed so quickly. Now I’m back in the thick of things, working on two publications and preparing to start a new phase of the Labrador Image Identification and Dissemination Initiative with Pei. (He’s coming back–yay!). Tabea is here with me, and she’s digging into new work too. It’s good to be back.

I’ve spent the first few days assessing what’s been done, what needs to be done, etc. While it is hard leaving work for a year, it’s also a great chance when I return to come back with fresh ideas, re-assess everything, see things that need to be changed, etc.

Anyway, it’s back to work for me!!


My phone isn’t working properly (it’s got too many photos on it) so I can’t show you a picture of Maggie right now for cuteness, but here’s me and Tabea on my first day back:


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Bradley, The Summer Student with a lot to say- signing off

Time is getting short for my time here at Them Days once again. I have no regrets in coming home this summer and joining Them Days’ little team for the second summer in a row. This will probably be my last summer with Them Days but I will definitely be back- even just to visit from time to time.

I was expecting this summer to be similar to last- archival work, walking tours and research requests. Which, don’t get me wrong, was a great thing to do and came with its benefits. However, I feel that this summer I was able to fully immerse myself into the magazine and dive deeper into Labrador Culture. This summer I conducted a little bit of my own research, made and designed my own Snapchat GeoFilter in Photoshop for Aboriginal Day, attended a Healthy Waters Labrador event where I got to talk to, interact and interview some elders and people who previously resided on Birch Island, and my biggest and definitely most tedious task was creating the 2018 Calendar from the bare foundation. Making the calendar was very fun but also very stressful at some points. I firmly believe that I can now put “Proficient in Adobe InDesign” on my resume. With the creation of the calendar, I was able to look at a lot of different photos of Labrador life and learn a lot of its history through choosing special dates and/or holidays to go in the calendar. I’m beyond excited to see the finished product and to have it in your home just as much as mine!


I became an avid coffee drinker this summer. (Thanks Janice)

As most things I do with Them Days are an incredible experience- I think my favourite one to date is spending hours in the depths of the Them Days Tape Collection. For a reason that I’m not allowed to share with our audience yet, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to countless amounts of interviews. My fondest memories are going to be spending rainy days in our cozy office listening to the relaxing sound of Doris Saunders and Aimee talk to different people from all over Labrador and throughout Canada. All the way from British Columbia to Labrador. I also managed to go and find a few of my own interviews and take a quick listen and do a bit of reminiscing. The sound of “This is Bradley Baker and I’m here with…” just has prideful ring to it in my brain. I don’t know if it’s because of my actual voice or if I’m just very proud of being a part of such an important attribute to Labrador’s history…probably both.

I’ve very much enjoyed my time in Happy Valley-Goose Bay this summer. I’ve made some new friends and reconnected with old ones and have had an exciting time creating some new memories. But, sadly, all good things must come to an end. At the end of next week I’m flying back to St. John’s to continue my studies. Saying hello again to the city life is always exciting but I know I’ll be counting down the days until I can get back to my little town come Christmas time.

If you’re a St. John’s (and vicinity) reader and would like to contribute to Them Days, despite having an extremely busy semester coming up, I’m planning on checking my Them Days email weekly. If you have a story to tell or are wondering where to donate to the archive, just shoot me an email at Bradleybaker@themdays.com. So, thank you to the readers of this blog who enjoyed my content over the last two summers! It’s been fun interacting with everyone.

PS: Aimee, if you’re reading this, I stole your desk for the summer- love the comfy set up.

-Bradley Baker


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Meet Megan!

Hi everyone! Megan Harrington here and ready for a fun summer at Them Days Magazine! I just finished my 5th year at Memorial University as a Music Education student and I am looking forward to my final year in September. I am also doing a minor in Folklore, so when I found out I was going to be able to work at Them Days for the summer, I was beyond excited! My mom and I packed up the car and drove to Goose Bay all the way from Carbonear, Newfoundland so I can spend the summer with you guys!

I am a little late getting into this blog as I have already punched a great first week at the office! So far, I have been on a road trip to North West River with Janice and Bradley, participated in the Aboriginal Day Celebrations at the College of the North Atlantic on June 21, and enjoyed a weekend in my hometown of Labrador West for the Spirit of Labrador Celebrations!

On Friday, June 23 in Labrador West, I had the opportunity to join Janice in four very interesting interviews at the Gateway with Joan Stamp, Thomas Riggs, and Caroline Dobbin, as well as Gordon Parsons in his own home! We gathered information about both Labrador City and Wabush from a woman and a man’s perspective, what it was like being a female teacher in Labrador West, and insight on owning and working for a local newspaper! The following day, Saturday, June 24 was the Spirit of Labrador Celebrations at the Wabush Arena! Janice and I got up early and started setting up our booth at 9:00am as the event ran from 10:00-4:00. Our booth was very similar to our booth at the Aboriginal Day Celebrations, with clothes from earlier times and our snapchat filter that puts you on the cover of Them Days Magazine! I took lots of awesome pictures throughout the day and they are now posted on our Facebook page, so don’t forget to check it out!! We also had some Them Days books and post cards for sale and held a prize draw for a gift bag of Them Days Magazines (Congrats to our winner)!

It has been a busy, yet great first week, and I look forward to more exciting adventures with you guys this summer! 7 more weeks to go!!

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North West River and Snapchat GeoFilters- These are a few of my favourite things!

Yesterday was a dreary day…so we made a trip to North West River! We spent all morning in the office, Janice grabbed her keys, we piled in the vehicle and hit the road.


Megan watching a Labrador Camp Fire Scene!

Upon arriving in North West River, we were greeted by Ernie Mclean at the Hudsons Bay Museum. This was Megan’s second time (ever) in North West River and was pretty excited to be returning. We spent a lot of time pressing the buttons of the interactive section of the museum. Ernie gave us a mini tour, told us stories about Myna Hubbard and the early days of North West River. The purpose of our trip was to grab a few (a lot of) costumes for Aboriginal Day and for the ladies’ trip to Labrador west this coming weekend!

For the 20th Aboriginal Day, we did something special- we made a Snapchat filter! For those of you who don’t know what Snapchat is: it’s a photo sharing app available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The app distributes photos to your other snapping friends in the form of 10 second long snaps or 24 hour long “Stories”. Within these snaps you are able to apply something called a “Filter” which, in our case, is the outline of our magazine cover. So when someone takes a photo of them

and their friends in our costumes or with their Innu Donuts, they temporarily become the next cover of Them Days Aboriginal Day 2017 Issue! All photos are able to be saved to your camera roll by pressing the “Download” button in the bottom left corner on your snap- and we want to see them! Send them to us on twitter, facebook and instagram by using the hashtag #ThemDays2017. The filter goes live at The College of the North Atlantic (and surrounding areas) at 4:00PM on June 21st 2017.  We’re excited to see your snaps!

Well folks, that’s another entry from me. If you see us at Aboriginal Day here in Happy Valley or over in Labrador City for Spirit of Labrador- come say hello! We’d be happy to assist you with your snapping, show you some photos and get yous dressed up ri’ cute.

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I’m Back!

Hello Everyone!
If you’ve read any blog entries from last summer, you know exactly who I am: the crazy summer student with a lot to say…and I’m back! I just completed a year of Tourism and Hospitality studies at the College of the North Atlantic in St. John’s. I’ve had a great, and extremely educational year. Originally, I had no plans of coming back to Happy Valley-Goose Bay for the summer…but here I am…back for the summer. As soon as I found out that Them Days was hiring I couldn’t resist myself. I contacted Aimee, who contacted Janice and here I am. It’s needless to say that I’m happy to be back.


Bradley, the very excited summer student with a lot to say, is back with Them Days!

When coming into Them Days this morning I was greeted by Janice followed by the warmest of hugs from Shirley. It feels like I haven’t left. As I do miss Anna, Abby, Brianna and Aimee, I’m certain that it’s going to be a very eventful, progressive and fun summer with Janice, Shirley and the other summer student who is joining us next week. We’ve already discussed how much is going to be happening in the next 8 weeks and we definitely have our work cut out for us!

I’m planning to be able to write weekly about announcements, progress updates and events that are going on with Them Days and in the community. Today, I’m starting out the summer by attending Expo Labrador. If you see this update before then- come and say hello!

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We’re Hiring!!!

Looking for a rewarding job and a great organization to work for? Then look no further. Them Days has three positions available – 2 student and one part-time temporary. See  job ads below.

Admin Job Ad - 2017

20170428 - summer student job ad20170428 - summer student job ad

20170428 - summer student job ad

20170428 - summer student job ad.jpg

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Easter Reflection

Easter is a great time of year here in Labrador. Families often get together to celebrate, communities host annual games and events, and of course, the Easter bunny brings yummy, yummy chocolate! To celebrate this holiday, here are a few of the Easter images from the Them Days archives.

Happy Easter!


P.S Them Days will be closed for the holiday Friday, April 14 and Monday, April 17. We’ll reopen on Tuesday, April 18.

Easter Monday congregation on steps of the church. Makkovik, April 9, 1927. Alice Perrault collection.

Shooting match at Easter. Cartwright. Una Saunders collection.


Tug-o-war Easter game in Paradise River, 1978. Paradise River vs. Cartwright with Rev. Marsh as the referee. Herb Brown collection.

Misc 998

Easter Communion Service. Hebron, 1901. Photo courtesy of Memorial University.

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