Record Your Heritage

Record your heritage

Next Monday (February 15) is Heritage Day. To celebrate, we’re having a one-hour workshop on recording your heritage so if people want to learn about how to interview somebody who’s got a great mind or a knack for storytelling, they can find out from us–AND get a free tape or two to use.

We’ve been donated a box of blank tapes to help us in our efforts to record Labrador’s history. However, we can’t be in all places at all times, so we miss a lot of people, unfortunately.

A lot of people say to us “You should interview so-and-so,” but if So-and-So lives far away, our chances of getting to interview them is not great. So, if YOU would like to interview your own So-and-So, now’s your chance. We will give you a blank tape (or however many you need) to record your interviews.

This is a great way to ensure that something you think is important gets into the pages of Labrador’s history magazine! Also, we will keep your recording and transcript in the archives, so that it will be kept safe and accessible. You will be part of a 40+ year history of volunteers contributing to Them Days magazine.

We will also provide you with an Agreement of Deposit for Oral History Interviews so that we can put it in the archives.

If you can’t make it out to our workshop, this video will be of help.



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#IDThemDays Week in Review

Another successful week at Them Days! Our #IDThemDays project is chugging along just fine! We’ve been digging in a lot of files this week, putting sheets of captions to photo collections and matching negatives. There’s no end to the work in sight, but we are definitely getting a TON accomplished!

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#IDThemDays Week in Review (Jan 25-29)

This week, we invited a number of people from Rigolet in for our photo-identification session. We named a number of faces and places!

If you would like to be added to our phone list for more upcoming meetings (we’re having at least one a week), give us a call at 896-8531 or e-mail Terra at to let us know what area you would be interested to see.



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#IDThemDays Week in Review

This week we launched our social media campaign for the Labrador Image Identification and Dissemination Initiative in earnest. We’ve shortened the name to IDThemDays for short.

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see three pictures a week, for #MysteryMonday, #WhereIsItWednesday and #FlashbackFriday.

Here are this week’s pictures.

We had a bit of a Cartwright theme this week, so we also had a small gathering for those who were interested in looking at Sandwich Bay photos.

Stay tuned for more photos in the weeks to come!


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Floaters, Stationers & Livyeres: The Labrador Fishery in Them Days

Our special issue on the Labrador Fishery, Floaters, Stationers & Livyeres is here!

It was put in the mail last week for our subscribers and our retailers, so if it’s not in your mailbox yet, it will be soon!


It’s the culmination of about a year’s worth of work. While working on this issue, we travelled to St. John’s (and area–Conception Bay North was a very good area for interviews!), the Straits, and Postville & Makkovik. Everyone who’s worked here in the past year has helped out with this issue in some way. I know I learned SO MUCH about the fishery and how to fish and all sorts of things. I met so many wonderful people; working on this project has been a real joy. (Also long and hard, but it was wonderful at the same time!)

This is a special double-size issue, but I still couldn’t squeeze everything in there! If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that fishermen love to talk!

If you don’t live near any of our retailers or you’re not a subscriber, you can get it online through our website:




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Tea with Terra

Tea with Terra - January 8, 2016 - 2-4pm On Friday afternoon we hosted our Tea with Terra event to kick off the Naming Labrador project which is partially funded by the Library and Archives Canada’s Documentary Heritage Communities Program. This was an informal event to introduce the project, meet community members and identify some pictures. We hosted the tea in Them Days’ office on Courte Manche Street in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and spent the morning doing some preparations.
IMAG1202I set off from the CNA Residence first thing Friday morning to head to the CBC studio to meet Bailey and Matt of Labrador Morning. I briefly explained the project including how many pictures and negatives we are hoping to identify (12000+), who we are looking to talk with, where the project will be heading (Nain, Cartwright, Natuashish, North West River, Sheshatshiu, Mud Lake), and our final project goals which include identifying as many pictures as possible and creating a searchable database. The goal is to make the photos and negatives searchable so they can be used by the public for genealogy or other forms of research and so the magazine can use the pictures in upcoming issues or events. CBC Here and Now also featured a little segment about our project on Monday evening January the 11th. It is great to see the project creating some interest and hopefully it means we will be able to identify as many pictures as possible!IMAG1214After lunch we set up our tea table with a tea pot and tea cups supplied by Shirley our acting Administrator who was also kind enough to bring in some homemade bread and cookies to go with the jam jams and tea. We also brought out our box labelled unknown places or people and arranged the pictures on our table in the reading room. Our new projector was set up with a slide show of some of the photo negatives in the lobby – but most everyone wanted to go to the reading room to see some of the physical pictures we are looking to identify. We had eight enthusiastic community members who were able to help partially identify over 100 photos. They also had a couple cups of tea and a few cookies and were lucky enough to get their subscription early for the newest edition of Them Days magazine which arrived in Goose Bay that afternoon. Shirley and I are currently packing, labelling and sealing the latest shipment of the magazine so subscribers should keep their eye out to the mail – it should be arriving shortly!
IMAG1208We will also be posting photos and negatives we need help identifying on our social media so keep an eye out and be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! If you think you can help identify any pictures to send an email to


Have you ever wanted to be a detective? Do you think you can help us identify photos and negatives? Send us an email at


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Tea with Terra Today! 2-4

Tea with Terra - January 8, 2016 - 2-4pm

Today, we invite people to come and learn about our project and meet our new project researcher, Terra! Terra will be having lots of meetings with people throughout town and even Labrador at large, but this is the first time! Now’s your chance to look at some photos, suggest other people and resources, and give her advice about the project.  Help us be detectives, give us clues…this is going to be a really fun project!


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