IDThemDays Week in Review (Feb.12-Feb.16)

Happy Chinese New Year!  Last Thursday was the Chinese New Year’s Day!

While all the Chinese are having their Chinese Spring Festival holidays in China, I have been keeping working on our #IDThemDays project!  I should have introduced this project to China to see if there are some possible connections between China and Labrador:)

For the last week, we also had three photos posted in our social medias. Although we did not get a lot of information for the first photo, we found the potential location of the second one and got ALL the names of the people in the third one! And because the third photo was so far (and hopefully) the last unidentified photo of Burdett family, we were very excited when we were able to remove all the negatives from one “miscellaneous” negative sheet !

Please keep helping us, because it would not have been done without your help!

by Pei


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Hello, Maggie

I was reminded by a regular blog reader that I have yet to share a photo of Maggie (as I promised when I returned!) So here she is, back in December when I had to take her to work for the morning. Cute, hey?


For a more up-to-date picture (video, actually!), check out this Tweet by Jacob Barker at CBC…which probably should have been captioned “Them Days editor Aimee Chaulk nervously eating a grape with a fork.” You can see Maggie on John’s lap, and Beatrix too! (It’s been awhile since you’ve seen her for sure, blog readers…isn’t she getting so big now?!)

The power is about to go out…see you later, blog readers!


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#IDThemDays Week in Review (Feb.5-Feb.9)

Here are the photos uploaded last week in social media.  We had a great discussion about the #WhereIsItWednesday photo, and it was identified as Muddy Bay. We also found that a few other photos of Burdett family had been used in our magazine before, so we can now move this newly identified photo and other related photos from our miscellaneous section to the right folder!

If you have more information and comments on those photos, please let us know! Thanks!


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Lots of Snow!

We live in Labrador, so you might expect that we get a lot of snow in the winter. We generally do. But this is shaping up to be a winter of gargantuan proportions! These pictures were taken last Thursday, February 1, after we got 38 cm. And we’ve had a few snowfalls since then!

20180201 - Aimee posing with shovel20180201 - Aimee shovelling20180201 - Pei and Tabea shovelling20180201 - Pei shovelling 220180201 - Pei shovelling

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Vol. 41, No. 4 is out in the world!

41_4 cover

The long-awaited (sorry!) Vol. 41, No. 4 is in local stores and local mailboxes now. It should be arriving any day now for anyone who lives elsewhere. Also, of course, available in our online store.

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First #IDThemDays Photo!

Hi everyone!

Pei is here! I am very excited I came back to Labrador and work with Them Days again!  I will work on the #IDThemDays project.  We will keep doing our social media campaign to ask for your help to identify photos. This is our first photo posted, and you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see three pictures a week, for #MysteryMonday, #WhereIsItWednesday and #FlashbackFriday!



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Upcoming Fundraiser!

20180222 - Fundraising concert Dave Paddon Richard Neville

An evening with Dave Paddon and Richard Neville always proves to be a good time, so come on out! You’re missing out if you don’t!


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