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Coming to Cartwright, Need Interviews!

Good day fellow Them Day fans!

I’m going to Cartwright on Tuesday the 29th (I’ll get there Wednesday morning) and I’m looking to schedule an interview (or maybe lots of interviews!). If anybody knows of a person who would be willing to do so, or if you’re that person, don’t hesitate to call us here at the office, 709 896 8531. You can also e-mail us at,, or! If anybody has stories written that they would like to get published, that would be great too! We’d love to hear from you.

I’m so excited to go to Cartwright, my mom and I go every year and this year it’s special because my brother, who wasn’t there for years, and his girlfriend who was never there are coming as well! I’m really looking forward to it and some interviews/stories would just be icing on the cake! I’m also going to be getting some “then and now” pictures of the town of Cartwright, as well as (hopefully) Muddy Bay, since my aunt owns a cabin there and we’ll hopefully be staying a night.

I hope I get a good response, and don’t be shy!!


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We’ve upgraded.

Hi All

We have new computers installed. Yaaahh!  It’s so nice to have new equipment as my old one froze a lot.  Also the monitor was about to crash any minute.  Black lines would dance across the screen now and then.  More reliable computer, less frustration at work.  Hope every is enjoying the summer.


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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Good day everyone! After a nice, relaxing weekend I’m back in the office and working on numerous projects.  Right now I’m sorting through folders that need to be filed. They’re from the past two years, so as you can imagine there’s quite a bit of filing to do! It’s not bad though, keeps me busy and I get to look through a nice bit of interesting stories, letters from way back in the day, etc. There’s a story by Elliot Merrick called “The Long Crossing,” I encourage everybody to read it!! It’s about the Hubbard expeditions; I came across it in one of the files. I enjoyed it & think anybody interested in Labrador history would be interested in that too.

Tomorrow Aimee and I are “road-tripping it” down to North West river to do a few interviews. We’ll let you know how that goes!

I hope everybody enjoys the magazine that we sent out late last week!

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Issue 32.2 heads out into the world

Issue 32.2, which we have all been waiting for, arrived in our office Thursday afternoon.  We spent the rest of the day busy as bees, looking through each copy to make sure our subscribers and retailers wouldn’t receive damaged copies, and then stuffing the envelopes.

We managed to get a nice little assembly line going, with Margaret and I looking through the issues first.

Student Margaret checks the copies for the subscribers

Student Margaret checks the copies for subscribers and retailers

Aimee looks through the other 600 copies

Aimee looks through the other copies. (We looked through 1280 in all.)

Then, Josie and our Volunteer Margaret put each copy in an envelope for our subscribers (along with any required renewal notices) and got them ready for their journeys around the world.  Thank you very much for your help, Margaret – we wouldn’t have gotten the magazines out so quickly without you!

Josie and Margaret put magazine in subscriber envelopes

Josie and Margaret put magazines in subscriber envelopes

(Yes, we had two Margarets in the office on Thursday!)

The magazines were put in the mail on Friday, and if you’re looking for them in the stores around town, you should start seeing them today!

Hope you enjoy the issue!


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Issue 32.2 is getting close!

Issue 32.2

Issue 32.2

According to the printers, our latest issue of Them Days is in Deer Lake, awaiting transportation to Goose Bay. Hopefully we will have it by tomorrow, at which point Margaret, Josie and I (and hopefully a volunteer) will be busy checking each copy before stuffing envelopes with subscribers’ issues and putting together the packages destined for retailers! Keep your fingers crossed that it arrives tomorrow!

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Back from Nain

Wow – what a trip!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Nain.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a stunningly beautiful community before.  The cliffs, the water, the sky…it was gorgeous!

I arrived there on Monday afternoon, just in time for the conference meet and greet.  Thank you to Provincial Airlines/Innu Mikun for their assistance in getting me to Nain.  Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to go.  We at Them Days appreciate it very, very much.

A brief stop in Natuashish

A brief stop in Natuashish

Them Days is planning a special issue dedicated to language, so it was with that in mind that I went to the Sivuppialautta (“Let’s Move Forward”) Inuttitut language conference.  I also brought along photos from the archive that needed identifying information, and I planned to gather stories about language (or anything else anybody wanted to tell me about).

A view of the Moravian Church from behind

A view of the Moravian Church from behind

Many people identified friends and family (and even themselves!) in the collection of photos I brought to Nain, and the display was a hit.  Unfortunately, I did not manage to conduct any interviews with elders at the conference, about language or otherwise.  I am disappointed that I was unable to fulfill all the tasks I had set out for myself, especially because I can’t get out to the coast very much.

Listening to the stories of our elders is (I think) the most important part of my job.  Without their stories, their history and wisdom, what we know about the history of Labrador lacks the personal side that we hear through interviews.   If you know of somebody who would like to share their stories, please let me know.  I want to speak to an assortment of Labradorians, which is why it’s so important for me to get stories from everybody, not just people who live in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area.  If you have a relative visiting Happy Valley-Goose Bay from any part of Labrador, or if you yourself have a story to share with Them Days, I urge you to visit the office and introduce yourself!  We welcome stories in Inuttitut and Innu-aimun in addition to English.

Now that I have met many people in Nain and from other communities on the coast, I hope that next time I go, I will be able to speak with many of them! Next time I won’t be just another stranger with a camera and a voice recorder.

An overcast day in Nain

An overcast day in Nain

Anyway, back on the topic of Nain – I can’t say enough good things about it.  I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, and I’m glad to have visited for such an important conference.  I was especially glad for the opportunity to refresh my Inuttitut knowledge, as rusty as it is.  I can’t wait to start working on the special issue!

A view of Nain from above

A view of Nain from above

Thank you to the community of Nain for your hospitality, and to Toni White, Carolynn Gosselin and Catheryn Andersen of Torngasok Cultural Centre for the invitation to Sivuppialautta, and for putting my interview sessions in the conference schedule.  Special thanks go to Jessie Ford and family, Angus Andersen, Fran Williams and Ben Ponniuk for their support, suggestions and friendly faces.  (And thanks to all those who I’m surely forgetting to name at the moment.) Thank you to everybody who helped me with my uncaptioned photos.  Your assistance was invaluable.  Nakumek!

I truly wish that I had been able to stay in Nain longer so I could enjoy the community even more.  I will be back someday!

A rainbow over Nain on Tuesday evening.

A rainbow over Nain on Tuesday evening


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Welcome back, me!

Hey everybody! I’m Margaret Pardy, I’ve worked at Them Days last year as a summer student, and I’m doing it again this summer. I suppose I’ll give a bit of information about myself, since I can’t quite think of anything else that anyone would really be interested in.

I’m 21 years old, and in September I’ll be in my 4th year at St. Thomas University. I’ll be graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in April of 2009, and the following September I’m hoping to do my Education degree. I want to teach young children, preferably between kindergarten and grade 3. I’ve worked at Pumpkin House (which is a day care in Goose Bay, in case anybody doesn’t know that) before I started working here this summer, and working with the kids there helped me decide that yes, this is definitely what I want to do. Kids are so sweet & funny, and every day is different, which is what I like! I don’t like being bored, and teaching children never gets boring (in my opinion, anyways).

I’ve only started back here on Monday (the 30th of June) but already I feel like I’ve been quite productive. I got to go and watch my first interview yesterday. We went to Elizabeth Penashue’s (an elder from Sheshatshiu) tent, she has some pretty interesting stories, that’s for sure! I heard she makes amazing Innu donuts, hopefully I get to experience them during my time here! Also, I’ve started on Them Days Index #3 today. It’s going to take a long time but I’m hoping to get most of it done before I’m finished in August.

For now, that’s all I have. When I find something interesting to discuss, I will! Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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