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CONA Craft Fair

Lauren mentioned the Christmas Craft Fair in her last post, so I should share how it went with you!

On Saturday (Oct. 25), the annual Christmas Craft Fair was held at the College of the North Atlantic here in Goose Bay.  Of course, your favourite magazine/archives was there, and we had goodies to sell!  With all the framed photos, calendar, Christmas cards, special issues, the 100-issue boxed sets, and copies of the current issue, there was barely enough room for us at the table!

It was nice to meet everybody who came by to say hello or to buy an item for us.  I know it seems like I say this a lot, but I really do enjoy meeting all of our readers and supporters!


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Eventful Events

With the end of the craft fair this past week, I have come to again remember the feeling of relaxation. That was until a beast of a  cement truck and the calamity of construction took over the moment I took a deep breath. But I can’t complain. Our renovations are still progressing and at more rapid pace these days. We have walls! 4 of them actually. I’m already impressed.

Aimee and me also went on an interview this week to visit Mary Clark. Funniest lady I have ever met and the interview itself was really entertaining. But I think Mary’s dog Mandy stole the show (she could wink).

In related news, the December magazine is moving along. We have a theme and a cover. So we’re practically half way done…

No, but actually everything is really coming together. We have lots of resources to still contact and we’re always looking for more, so if you have any funny or dramatic stories in relation to dogs please contact us.

Actually, I organized my first interview yesterday. We planned a day and a time when I should call back when he wasn’t so busy. That’s pretty much an organized interview, right?

So there is my little update for the week. If you guys have any questions/comments/stories please don’t be afraid to contact us. We love hearing your input as much as you like to hear ours (I’m assuming you do, anyway)

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I hear that people are starting to receive their copies of issue 32.3 (it was sent out on Monday, so those of you a little further away should get it soon).  I hope you like it! Right now, Lauren and I are chugging away at issue 32.4, which will be focussed on dog teams and the impact that dogs have had on life in Labrador.  If you’ve got a good story yourself, or you know of one, let me know!

Construction is coming along here at Them Days…holes have been dug in the ground and now it’s time to pour the foundation.  Unfortunately it’s too cold to do that here in Goose Bay today!  Cross your fingers that the weather conditions will be good enough for doing that.

Don’t forget, our Annual General Meeting will be held on Nov. 12 at 7:00pm at the Friendship Centre!  If you’d like to get more involved in Them Days, now is your chance – there will be a number of vacancies for board positions.  Call 896-8531 for more information!

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I’m Back…

Hello my fellow blogadians, I meant to update earlier but I seem to have been preoccupied. Mostly with the newest edition of Them Days finally getting published (!) and the rush to organize the next issue has kept me busy. I was excited to learn that I will actually have a say in this December issue instead of just poorly wrapping the copies for distribution (yes, wrapping not “rapping”). In which I mean I will get to write for the magazine itself. I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what my article will be about, but you should know it has something to do with dogs jumping out planes…(let your imagination run wild).

But yes, other than the excrutiating frustration I have been forced to endure over the last couple of days

(so much wrapping) I have come to really enjoy my time here at Them Days. Whether it be interviewing professional dog-sledders or flipping through thousands of magazines to see if they are A-okay, I can definately feel my place here sink in more and more with each day. I really believe that I recieved the best placement and am very grateful for this opportunity and i know that it can only get better from here.

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Just a little update

Things are getting busier in the Them Days office as we prepare for construction.  We must clear the office of a lot of its furniture, and then rearrange what’s inside so that our archival material is properly stored and safe in our building. If you were thinking of purchasing something from us, it would probably be a good idea to do it sooner rather than later, since things will be getting rearranged and put away temporarily.  (We will still be open during construction and will gladly sell whatever you’re looking to buy, but it would be more convenient foryou and us if you came before it’s moved around!)

Lauren and I visited Scott Hudson’s kennels yesterday to learn more about the Labrador Husky…I’ll let her update on it afterwards!

Still waiting on issue 32.3…by all accounts, it should be here any day now!

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First Impressions

My name is Lauren. For the passed 2 weeks, 2 days, and couple of hours I have been a participant for Katimavik. Meaning I have had to leave behind everything I know and love in order to pursue some of my own goals and to get a little insight on my future. I am currently working as a volunteer at the magazine Them Days, which basically requires me to digitalize some of their older photos, and hopefully tag along to a couple of interviews. I really couldn’t be happier with my work placement seeing as I love anything to do with writing and journalism. Which is why I am also excited that my boss Amy suggested/enforced that I start my own blog.  There isn’t much to update on just yet but our newest edition of the magazine is well on its way and I’m told that that is when the real excitement begins. I’ll have more information soon. 🙂

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Welcome, Lauren! (For real this time!)

Today is Lauren’s first day of work here at Them Days.  I can tell already that she is going to be a great asset to the office!  About half of her time here will be spent scanning our great wealth of negatives, but the rest of the time, she’ll be busy helping with the magazine (and sometimes other archival work as well).  She’s very interested in writing, so I’m sure you’ll see her articles in upcoming issues!   Anyway, I’ll let Lauren introduce herself in an upcoming blog post.  Welcome to the team, Lauren!  We’re so happy to have you here.

Lauren and the negatives

Lauren and the negatives

Lauren at work

Lauren at work

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