Flossie, Flossie

This post may be a little bit delayed but I thought it would be nice to mention the interview me and Aimee had with Flossie Oliver about 3 weeks ago. We trudged up to the Paddon home apartments to pay her a visit and to ask her a few questions about her musical career. Flossie is renowned as an amazing singer and musician although she wouldn’t play anything for us..recorder shy. But we weren’t mad or anything, just disappointed a little  I think. We were expecting a show, maybe some flashy lighting. Is that too much to ask?( just kidding of course) But like I said we weren’t mad. Flossie was great. She told us about her tours and her musical influences, I felt like I was interviewing someone for MTV.

She was a really cool person and I’m really glad I got to meet Flossie before leaving Happy Valley-Goose Bay on the 14.

me & flossie on the big comfy couch

me & flossie on the big comfy couch

aimee & flossie just chilling

aimee & flossie just chilling


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