last week was exciting as we got a microwave (yea hot lunch) and we got our water jug replaced, but admist all the excitment there was still work that needed to get done. Aimee was back to work Tuesday from her travel along the south coast and into the straits with a bunch of stories that needed typing up. After all the stoies were completed we started work on the layout of the next special issue.  i got a chance to work with adobe indesign cs3 for the first ime. although little challenging to master, i enjoyed working with the program and getting the chance to work on the layout. after i had completed all my work there i soon found myself starting work on the 2010 Them Days Calender. so far ive been searching through hundreds of different photos to find just the right ones.

construction work inside the building is going well. last week they were working on the h-vac in the archive, that helps with moisture and temperature control in the room. now im not entirely sure on the tech. specs. of the h-vac but i do believe that they’re to being finished. work on the outside (landscape) started today, which is exciting.

thats it for now, until next time,



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