Its already wednesday and things are already starting heat up here at Them Days, literally. The weather these past couple of days have been extremely nice but unfortunaly weve been confined to tight quarters of the Them Days office. Aimee and I did how ever manage to escape for a few minutes to enjoy the sun the other day.

Aimee has been working vigerously to complete the next issue in time. She succcessfully managed to get the issue down to a managable 64 pages and is about ready to ship it off to the printer.

While Aimee nas been busy finishing up the next issue, I’ve remained busy scanning more negavtives, sketching possible mini drawing for the next issue, cleaning up and organizing the library back in the archivist office. We’ve pretty much completed all that we can to do back there, as the next step in now moving all the filing cabinet and shelfs out.

As this is my week here in HV – GB (and Katimavik too) im racing now to finish things. I would like to complete the calendar for 2010/2011 and write up an article about my grandfather and his time up in Churchill falls, and of course scan more negatives. Hope fully I’ll be able to finish everything up in the times that left.

p.s. the spiders have grown in size and in numbers and continue to terrorize the emploies of Them Days.

See you all soon 🙂


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One response to “SALUT!!!

  1. glenn

    regards from across the miles (mt crosby, queensland, australia)
    informed, relaxed read … ta.
    BTW where is everybody?
    last time we were up your way (’95) the newfies warned us. we confirm, it was all true what they said about the goose, the gander & dropbears.

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