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Hey Guys,

Well I’m Back I was out sick for a few days which by the way was so not fun, but yea im back and am feeling a little bit better now, I think its the vibe in the office once you walk in your automatically happy and I think thats just the medicine I needed … lol

So I missed the big day 😦 was so dissipointed but I heard it turned out great, so much thanks to Jillian Aimee and Kelly for making it so great, wish I could have been there. Almost makes me want to plan something else just so that I can say I took part in something as wonderful as what the Archive day was.

Wow Chirstmas is comming really fast isnt it? Theres like 25 christmas shopping days left, and remember if your looking for that perfect gift its right here so come on in and check it out.

Well guys its good to be back and hopefully I can stay happy and healthy for a while yet .. cannot miss another Archive day.


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Archive Day!

We’re halfway through Archive Day now. The morning session with the seniors was fantastic.  We identified a number of photos in our unknown pile. We also went through some slides and listened to a couple of stories from the archive. It was a huge success and I want to thank everyone who attended for being here. I’m looking forward to the afternoon session which involves the youth and adults.

Unfortunately Amanda, who’s been working so hard on organizing this event, couldn’t make it out today. We hope you feel better soon Amanda!

I’m also going to be billeting later today. The billeting period of Katimavik is a time where the participants are living with a host family in the community for 9 days. I know that I will have a great time and I am so excited to move into my host family’s house!

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Guess who’s back?

Actually, I’ve been back at work for a week now so this post is really delayed. I haven’t been working for 2 weeks due to my being house manager for one week, then staying back home ill for another. Let’s just say that coming back to work was a very refreshing change of pace. As for my group, I think it’s safe to say that they are all thankful to be out of our “rest and relaxation” week.

We’ve been busy working on the new issue this week. I’ve had to look through transcripts to find stories and  found very interesting accounts of faeries and ghosts. Reading about people’s encounters with bears are always entertaining for me. I don’t think I can say this enough, but times have definitely changed since then.

We’re starting to get more snow now which is a welcome change, for me anyway. People keep telling me that the cold will only get worse at this point. I feel a bit skeptical when they say it’s going to get REALLY COLD, but I’m looking forward to experiencing Labrador winter. If you’ve got an extra ski-doo lying around I know a group of 11 people who’d be more than happy to take it off your hands 🙂

And because I know how much Aimee loves hearing about it, here’s another reminder to check out her interview on CBC!

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The Symposium

Okay, so I started writing this blog entry nearly a week ago and then got caught up in various other things, like answering e-mails and working on the magazine. But I still feel like I should talk about the symposium, so better late than never, right? Right? So here it is.

Last Friday (that would be Friday, November 6), I attended a symposium in St. John’s called Examining the Archival Footprint: the Past and Future of Archives in Newfoundland and Labrador. (Okay, not only was I attending, but I was speaking as well: I did a presentation about how Them Days is modernizing, and I was a panelist for a roundtable discussion.)

All the speakers had thought-provoking topics and points. I learned a lot about telemedicine too! We heard from a variety of people, from The Archivist and Librarian of Canada (what a title!) to researchers and all sorts of archivists in between. Unfortunately, my camera was out of battery power and the charger was back in Goose Bay, since I’d forgotten to take it with me nearly two and half weeks earlier. So you’re just going to have to imagine this.

Okay, so back to the ways Them Days is changing. Since you’re reading this on the blog, that’s one of the ways in which we’re changing in the 21st century: the Internet allows us to get information to our readers quickly. You could see the renovations as they were happening last winter because I was taking pictures of it and uploading them to this site! It allows for a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on at a magazine and in an archive.

The Internet also allows us to become more accessible to people further away too. We don’t have any archive content online, but soon we will have our finding aid online. It’s the first step! That way, you’ll be able to search our holdings from the comfort of your home, even while wearing your pyjamas! (P.S.: you can also shop online at Them Days from the comfort of your home in your pyjamas.) You won’t be able to immediately see what you’re looking for, but you’ll know we have it.

We’re also in the middle of digitizing our negative collection – it’s huge – and then we’ll start work on other digitization projects. The digitization of the negatives has already made a huge difference in the way I work in putting together the magazine. I can quickly search for an image and determine if it’s the photo I need or not. It’s already in digital format, so I don’t need to scan it again…and then that helps the negative itself in that it doesn’t need to be handled so often.

I’m quite enthusiastic about it all, and I think that really came across at the symposium. But let me be clear…I have reservations about it too! There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to putting archival material online, like copyright, confidentiality, restricted material, time, money, resources, etc. It’s a new frontier out here on the Internet…a little bit like a virtual wild west. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time, but with time and energy, we can deal with it and still remain your familiar, lovable Them Days. But just a bit cooler and easy to access.

Anyways, that’s it for now…back to other pressing matters!

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Archive Day!!!

Good Morning Everyone,
Well for all who didn’t know, this month (November) is Archive month, and Them Days is having an Archive Day here in the office on November 27th. It starts at 10am for the Seniors and for the Youth and Adults it starts at 2pm. It is going to be great, there will be a lot of learning as well as fun. We will listen to old tapes, there will be a display with some of the stuff from the archives, you can read if you ‘d like there will be lots to do and lots of fun. So please dont hesitate on dropping by we hope to see everyone there.

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Them Days

Hey guys it me again .. Just wanted to let you know that there is another sale tommorow, great huh, another chance to get the things that you missed the last time, we have more stuff better sales it is going to be awsome, we are having it at the Legion for anyone who is interested!!! It starts at 10 am and were gonna be at it until 2 pm so come on out and see us!!!

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I’m baaaack!

Hi everyone,

Aimee here! I’ve returned from my wedding/honeymoon/archive symposium. I had a lovely time, and surprisingly, I barely thought about work! (No, really, that’s strange for me. Usually I’m the type to wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea for the magazine, or I’ll call the office a bunch of times to see how things are going while I’m out of town.)

Normally, I wouldn’t tell you too much about my personal life, but I made some observations while I was away that I wanted to share on the blog. For my honeymoon, my new husband and I drove down to Nashville, Tennessee, and also went to the Smoky Mountains. While we were in Nashville, we visited the Tennessee State Museum and learned a lot about the settlers who came to Tennessee and how they lived. Like in Labrador, they lived simply and were (and had to be) resourceful, using what was in the natural world around them or get at a trading post which was often far away. It was a really neat museum. I wish I could have stayed longer, but we went not long before closing and were escorted out of the building by security guards as soon as the clock struck 5. I wish I were kidding!

The next day we went to eastern Tennessee, and I picked up a bunch of pamphlets of things I wanted to see. One of the pamphlets was for the Museum of Appalachia. It had a write up from the founder in there – and I swear, you would think he was connected to Them Days somehow! He talked about how when he was young, he loved listening to stories from his elders, and his grandfather encouraged him to preserve the history that was being passed down to him somehow. And so he started to collect items from the older generations. And then he formed a little museum, and that museum grew to include several buildings, including old homes/cabins. And the pamphlet also had pictures of people doing things like playing the fiddle, and the photos were captioned with people’s names, like “Uncle John playing the fiddle.” Doesn’t that sound like a Them Days style place? Unfortunately we didn’t stop by, but I would have liked to!

Then, on our way out of Tennessee, we passed by the International Storytelling Center. I wanted to drop by and give them a copy of Them Days, but it was a Sunday morning, so it was closed. Again, I marvelled at how the Tennesseeans were keeping their history and traditions alive in a very similar manner to here in Labrador. I guess it has a lot to do with being rural and remote. Okay, so Tennessee isn’t quite as remote as Labrador, but many of the small mountain villages were isolated for a long time!

So I guess I was thinking about work after all!

One thing is for certain though – we definitely don’t have climates in common! It was 24C the day I was in Nashville…that’s a nice summer’s day here in Labrador!

I will update again later this week with information about what I did on Friday – I was in St. John’s for an archive symposium! Also, while at the symposium, I realized that I hadn’t made a post to show the end results of the construction from the spring…I know some visitors from the symposium will want to see those!

Have a good day!


Update: I added a few pictures since I realized I had my camera with me at work…these aren’t from my good camera, but they’re mostly just for fun anyway.

This has nothing to do with what I wrote in my blog post, but I need to share these cool cows anyways. They were the fanciest cows I've ever seen, with a big white stripe down the middle.

This was a sign at The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's Tennessee home. This is how I first saw the cool cows. I didn't think they would actually look like that!

Here I am in front of a log cabin display at the Tennessee State Museum.

Getting in the Smoky Mountains National Park spirit...

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