Hey Guys,

Well I’m Back I was out sick for a few days which by the way was so not fun, but yea im back and am feeling a little bit better now, I think its the vibe in the office once you walk in your automatically happy and I think thats just the medicine I needed … lol

So I missed the big day 😦 was so dissipointed but I heard it turned out great, so much thanks to Jillian Aimee and Kelly for making it so great, wish I could have been there. Almost makes me want to plan something else just so that I can say I took part in something as wonderful as what the Archive day was.

Wow Chirstmas is comming really fast isnt it? Theres like 25 christmas shopping days left, and remember if your looking for that perfect gift its right here so come on in and check it out.

Well guys its good to be back and hopefully I can stay happy and healthy for a while yet .. cannot miss another Archive day.


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