A look at what’s going on in the office

Hello everyone!

If you keep up to date with the Twitter feed on the side of the page, you’ll have read my excitement over being able to check my e-mail again. We couldn’t use the Internet for one day last week (and debit/credit machines were down too!) Turns out it was caused by some heavy ice. Even now, there won’t be any blog readers from the North Coast until a tower is fixed! We’ve been having one strange ‘winter’ this year. (Why must it go above zero and melt all the snow?!) Thankfully today we’ve been having more snow and it’s been wintery again.

Anyway, here are some photos from around the office. The first batch are from when we were doing the mailout back in December. We got it out before Christmas, but some subscribers have reported that they are still waiting. My own grandparents just got their copy in the mail last week and they are only at the other post office in town! Please be patient; apparently, it is taking our little magazine some time to get through the mail. If it’s still not in your mailbox in a couple of weeks, let us know.

The second batch are more recent; they are of Amanda and Jillian organizing things back in the archive extension. Jillian’s been working on the periodicals and Amanda’s been working on the library, organizing supplies and putting things into safer storage containers.

I’m still working on the vertical files…what the heck size of project did I take on?! I have to keep reminding myself of the end result…these files will be easier to find and to use. But boy, it is ever slow to get through!

The last photo is from when I had supper at the Katimavik house on Friday night. One of the participants in another local group came over and taught everybody how to bake and decorate cupcakes with fondant icing. Jillian made a supercute hat out of two cupcakes. My cupcakes were less cute and I forgot to take photos of them. Oh well. We are going to miss Jillian when she is gone…this is her last week here!!! 😦

Have a good day everyone!



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