Still in Nain…

Hello from my “satellite office” in Nain. (Not really, but I’ve been here so long I might as well have moved here!) 🙂

That’s the thing about travelling on the coast of Labrador in the winter – or anytime of the year, I guess – you never know if you’ll stay on schedule! It’s Thursday now and I’ve been trying to get out since Sunday. I’ve heard stories of longer delays from my family of pilots, so I suppose this isn’t too bad. The funny thing is, it’s been pretty good in Nain all week. Some days have been sunny with blue skies…but there has been freezing rain between here and Goose Bay, so planes that have made it through have been iced up pretty bad by the time they made it up here. We’ve been having such a weird winter this year…if only it would get colder so the freezing rain would turn into snow!

The first couple of days, I still had hope that I was getting out, so I waited around for the weather hold to be lifted, but the more recent couple of days, I’ve just accepted that I’m not getting out, so I’ve been more productive and have been trying to make the best of my time here. If I knew I was staying this long, I would have brought some supplies and learned how to make some kamiks in the evenings!

Have you seen this video? It’s an ad for the Torngat Mountains National Park put out by the province. It’s absolutely beautiful and the little girl is just lovely. I just met her mother the other day and so I was reminded of this video.

Anyway, back to work for me!


P.S. Look what I just found — coverage of my photo exhibit on a local blog! How exciting!


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