Snow, Snow, Snow!!!! :(

Hey guys it me again πŸ™‚ How are you all doing? We are great here except for the fact that Aimee is still not back from nain … thats the weather for you though .. We really wish she would get back soon, the office is just not the same without her .. πŸ™‚ Kelly, Marleah and I are keeping ourselves busy, always work to be done! I must say Marleah is doing a fantastic job so far, she keeps herself busy, she must have almost all of the slides scanned, wow!! That is a lot of slides! I, myself am still working on a box of old APLs thought I could breeze right through them, little did I know they were harder then I thought, I’m just glad I have my little book with me, I must admit that book is helping me out a lot!!

Well we changed the retail space again, it still looks very nice and comfy, so comfy infact it may make you want to come down and read a few books, take a look at some old items such as, an old javax bottle ( I think is Awesome, it’s a glass bottle.. can you believe that? .. I was truly amazed) I would come down and check it out if I were you .. may be worth your while, you never know you might find something from your past that you never knew about. I have learned a lot about my family since I have been here, it is really amazing how much you learn just by reading a book or two. πŸ™‚

Well Guys thats it for me today, I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday with another entry, I am still trying to get Marleah to write another one, she claims she is shy .. :)She won’t be when she is finished here .. πŸ™‚ Until another day .. Talk to you later ..



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