Where or Where Did the Sun Go?

Hey guys,
Me again, is anyone else wondering where the sun went, I mean it hasn’t shown its self it what seems like forever, and the snow, it’s like its running away. This winter is pretty unusual if you ask me. It almost seems like mother nature has a grudge with us or something, she took away our sun, she is taking away our snow and she is holding Aimee hostage in Nain.. 😦 No trouble to miss her, I’m trying my best to fill Aimee’s shoes while she is away, well not fill her shoes but do things I think may help while she is gone, Kinda hard sometimes. Aimee does so much!! We miss you Aimee we really want you to come back now!!

In other news there is not a whole lot new going on this way, like I said Aimee is away so we are doing our best to keep up with the everyday routines, I am getting ready to transcribe some tapes, and Marleah is still working on her slides, but is always there when I need her help! She is such a good worker! I know it must be hard on Aimee not being here to help her and also learn a bit from her, she has been away almost the whole time Marleah has been here.. 😦

Well I guess thats all for today, keep on wishing for the sun and some nice weather, maybe if we all stick together and wish really hard the weather will be nice and Aimee can come home!!! Until next time ..



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