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AGM 2010

Even in direct competition with Lenten church services, church meetings, the oh-so-delicious-international-potluck and SnoBreak events, we still managed to get enough interest in our AGM to form a new board. While the turnout was smaller than in previous years, the atmosphere was great, the discussion was lively, and everybody enjoyed themselves (as far as I could tell, anyway!).

Our new board is as follows:
Chair: Theresa Hollett
Vice-Chair: Patti Penney
Treasurer: Linda Mugford
Secretary: Robin McGrath
Directors at Large: Mary Abbass, Allan Bock, Clarice Blake Rudkowski, Shannon McAlorum, Merrill Strachan.

Names in italics are those who joined (or re-joined) the board last night.

Clarice Blake Rudkowski, Robin McGrath, Linda Mugford, Theresa Hollett, Patti Penney, Allan Bock.

Patti Penney presents a thank-you gift to Stan Oliver, who facilitated the elections.

Bob Simms makes a good-bye speech. We will miss you too, Bob!

Them Days supporter Susan Felsberg

I’m looking forward to working with this Board! Welcome/welcome back to Them Days everyone!



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AGM on Wednesday!

Don’t forget, the AGM is this Wednesday evening (March 24) at 7:00pm at the Labrador Friendship Centre. If you’re interested in what happens at Them Days, drop by! You can learn all about our new archive and reading room and what goes on here at the office.

Hope to see you there!


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Happy Birthday Them Days (and Amanda, and the Winter Games)

Today is Them Days’ 35th anniversary…it also happens to be Amanda’s birthday, and the 27th anniversary of the first Labrador Winter Games.

Happy Birthday!!


P.S. I swear, I didn’t notice that Amanda had a post on pretty much the same subject when I posted. I think she pressed ‘Publish’ just as I clicked ‘New Post!’. Read her post below!

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Happy Birthday Them Days!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Them Days …
Happy birthday to you!!!
And hopefully there will be many many more to come.

Wow, 35 years, that is a long time. So much has been accomplished. Them Days has put Labrador in so many peoples hearts and has shown people our history, our roots. I am very proud to be Labradorian, and Very Proud to be a part of the Team Them Days!! 🙂

Well the Craft fair went pretty well, there wern’t as many people as we had hoped but it was nice.

The Labrador Winter games went very well too. We will have some pictures up soon to show those of you who may have missed the events. Congratulations to Cartwright who won the Labrador Cup, Congratulations to Happy Valley Goose Bay who took Second Place, and Congratualtions to Mary’s Harbour who took third.. And a very big congratulations to all communities … it takes a lot of courage and effort to make it to the winter games. Even more than courage and effort it takes spirt, and if you ask me Labrador would win anytime for having the most spirit. Thats what Labrador represents is togetherness and spirit. And thats what Them Days is all about as well.

Well thats it for me today .. I’ll be back with another update another day .. 🙂 Keep smiling the sun is out!!


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Nain photos

Some belated photos from the Heritage Forum, Photo Exhibit and my many days in Nain. I could have chosen more, but I had to restrain myself at some point. If you’ve never been to Nain, hopefully this gives you a little taste of it!


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Last Saturday’s Craft Sale

Last week we had a table at the Spring Craft Sale at the College of the North Atlantic, and here are some photos from that day. We had a great time meeting people who were out and about. We even saw a kilt made from the new Labrador Tartan! (Not to be confused with the tartan of the Labrador Club of Scotland.) Thanks for stopping by!


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Field trip!

Hello Them Days readers!

One of the nice things about my job is that it isn’t totally stationary. I get to go out and about when conducting interviews. Today Amanda and I went down to Sheshatshiu to do an interview for the June issue of Them Days. That’s right – we’re already working on the June issue and the March issue is not yet back from the printers!* (Look for it in the coming weeks, by the way!)

Somebody has a sense of humour about the number of stop signs in Sheshatshiu.

If you've been following the blog for any amount of time, you probably know how much I love dogs. Well, there are lots of dogs in Sheshatshiu! (And as the owner of a Sheshatshiu dog myself, I know that they are great dogs!)

A hint for what's coming up in the June issue!

The view as you leave Sheshatshiu is actually very pretty. Unfortunately, that's not captured in my photo.

I thought I took more pictures of today’s little trip, but apparently not. More pictures to come over the next couple of days!


*Of course, the original plan was to have the March issue out in time for the Labrador Winter Games, but as we all learned from the weather in Nain, sometimes that just doesn’t work out. Ah well, it should still be out before March is over.

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