Happy Birthday Them Days!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Them Days …
Happy birthday to you!!!
And hopefully there will be many many more to come.

Wow, 35 years, that is a long time. So much has been accomplished. Them Days has put Labrador in so many peoples hearts and has shown people our history, our roots. I am very proud to be Labradorian, and Very Proud to be a part of the Team Them Days!! 🙂

Well the Craft fair went pretty well, there wern’t as many people as we had hoped but it was nice.

The Labrador Winter games went very well too. We will have some pictures up soon to show those of you who may have missed the events. Congratulations to Cartwright who won the Labrador Cup, Congratulations to Happy Valley Goose Bay who took Second Place, and Congratualtions to Mary’s Harbour who took third.. And a very big congratulations to all communities … it takes a lot of courage and effort to make it to the winter games. Even more than courage and effort it takes spirt, and if you ask me Labrador would win anytime for having the most spirit. Thats what Labrador represents is togetherness and spirit. And thats what Them Days is all about as well.

Well thats it for me today .. I’ll be back with another update another day .. 🙂 Keep smiling the sun is out!!



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