AGM 2010

Even in direct competition with Lenten church services, church meetings, the oh-so-delicious-international-potluck and SnoBreak events, we still managed to get enough interest in our AGM to form a new board. While the turnout was smaller than in previous years, the atmosphere was great, the discussion was lively, and everybody enjoyed themselves (as far as I could tell, anyway!).

Our new board is as follows:
Chair: Theresa Hollett
Vice-Chair: Patti Penney
Treasurer: Linda Mugford
Secretary: Robin McGrath
Directors at Large: Mary Abbass, Allan Bock, Clarice Blake Rudkowski, Shannon McAlorum, Merrill Strachan.

Names in italics are those who joined (or re-joined) the board last night.

Clarice Blake Rudkowski, Robin McGrath, Linda Mugford, Theresa Hollett, Patti Penney, Allan Bock.

Patti Penney presents a thank-you gift to Stan Oliver, who facilitated the elections.

Bob Simms makes a good-bye speech. We will miss you too, Bob!

Them Days supporter Susan Felsberg

I’m looking forward to working with this Board! Welcome/welcome back to Them Days everyone!



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