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Rain, Rain go away…Come again in October…or November even!

Seriously! This is crazy! It snowed this week for four days in a row! Not even exagerating! I gotta say, though, I laughed out loud when I found out Alberta was getting the same treatment. But, you’ll be happy to know….NO SNOW TODAY! OR RAIN! It was actually rather warm today…kinda nice to have a change of scenery.

I really miss Aimee, and I hope she’s having a good time in Ontario! Kelly and I are getting some time to talk, though, which is really nice! I love them both, and will be very sad to leave in two months!

Until next time….Toodles!!

Jenna 🙂


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The Many Beautys of Labrador..

Okay, So the group went for a hike on Sunday, and I had never seen such a beautiful view! I don’t know the name of the place that we went to, but one thing for sure…I would go again in a heartbeat! I took some pictures too! I’m a bit of a camera-nut when it comes to things like this…heh heh….

Too Gorgeous! I just love hikes! Especially when the scenery is this breathtaking! You guys seriously don’t know what your missing!

So, turning to other news…Aimee and Morgan are in Ontario for two weeks,( They left last Saturday,) and Aimee left me with a whole list of things to do to keep me busy. And boy, is it ever!! But that’s okay, I love working, and being active and busy! I’m really starting to miss Aimee though. 😦

Well, that’s all I have for you today! Have a super one!


Jenna 🙂

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So today at Them Days, some lady called asking for some information on a family with the last name Ikey. Apparently, she didn’t know very much about her family and wanted to dig deeper in her family history. So anyway….Aimee and I literally searched through all of the Cemetary Files…But, not a trace! I’m telling you, it’s like this Ikey family just evaporated into thin air! Oh well, I’m sure something will turn up eventually! We just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

Until then, Toodles!!!

I just think this is beautiful picture.

I just think this is a beautiful picture.



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Goose Bay thus far!

Hi everybody!!

My name is Jenna Bridges, and I’m the newest member of the Them Days Team! My group arrived in Goose Bay from Chicoutimi, QC on April 14th, and I love it here already! It is so beautiful! But we’ll get into all that gushy stuff later.

For now, let me tell ya’ll a little bit about myself. I come from a little town called Acme which is about thirty minutes North-East of Calgary. Now, I know what your thinking when you hear the word “Acme.” The Road Runner and The Coyotte from Warner Bros, right? Yeah, I’m used to it. That’s what everyone says. I don’t know what else to say about Acme, other than the fact that it is a VERY small town, consisting of about 500 people. We don’t have any traffic lights, and the most exciting/popular place is The Corner Store, which is our only convenience store.  Like I said, VERY small! It’s literally one of those blink-and-you-miss-it kind of towns. But, believe it or not, I really miss Acme.  I should probably mention that I technically don’t live IN Acme. I actually live on an acreage about five minutes west of Acme.

This brings us to my family. I am  the youngest of ten children. But, before you faint from disbelief, I have to tell you….four of us (yes, myself included) were adopted. So yeah, there are just a few of us floating around…..

But now I’m going to get back to Katimavik business….Before I mentioned that my group arrived here in Goose Bay, Lab on Wednesday, Arpil 14th, 2010. (Sorry I’m a little specific….) Anyway…I fell in love with this place the minute I saw it through the window of the plane! When my Mom found out I was coming to Labrador, she was all like, “Oh Jenna! Your so lucky! You’d better take lots of pictures! When you get there, you’ll see what I mean!”  Boy, do I ever know what she meant! If I didn’t love Alberta so much, I probably wouldn’t want to leave! Weve already volunteered at The Friendship, helping out with a supper. I forget what it was for, exactly…..But it was fun! And we met people, which I love!

Anywho….now is the time I show you some pictures of my group and what we’ve done in Goose Bay thus far…So here we go!!

So yeah…..These are just a few of the things we have done so far…We did a scavenger hunt to get to know the community better, we had a campfire at Muskrat Falls, we gutted fish…..and more fond memories to come!!

Anyway..I really can’t think of anything else to say at this time, but bear in mind, I will DEFINITLEY be keeping you guys posted on what is happening here in Goose Bay!! Until then…TOODLES!!!

Jenna 🙂

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National Volunteer Week: Our Contributors

A magazine just can’t happen by itself. Well, I suppose it could happen with just me, but it really wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. It would look a little something like this:

Table of Contents
These Days at Them Days – Aimee Chaulk…………………….2
The Time I Ran Over My Best Friend At Toboggan Hill – Aimee Chaulk……4
My First Day at Them Days – Aimee Chaulk……………………..7
What I Ate For Supper – Aimee Chaulk…………………………..10
Labrador Gallery: Aimee and her Crackie Dog Chance……………32
The Day We Couldn’t Find Lobstick – Aimee Chaulk……………….37
Fishing at Lobstick – Aimee Chaulk……………………………………40
The Pike That Wouldn’t Die – Aimee Chaulk…………………………….53
Then & Now: Aimee Chaulk………………………………………….64

…you get the idea.

All of our contributors are unpaid. That includes the people we interview and the people who do the interviews for us (unless, of course, they are employees of Them Days). So when I say that this organization counts on volunteers, that the magazine is built on the shoulders of its volunteers, believe me, it is.

We have contributors who write their own memories to share in the magazine. We have contributors who dig cool things out of archives and write about them and send them in. We have contributors who will take a tape recorder with them on a trip and record a story about Labrador and send it in. We have volunteers who will translate into English from Inuttitut and vice-versa. They have all made Them Days what it is, and for that, this editor is truly thankful. THANK YOU!


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National Volunteer Week: Our Board

It would be hard to go through National Volunteer Week without recognizing our Board of Directors. They are the volunteers who stick with it through everything. When they join the board at an AGM, they agree to stay on the board for one- or two-year terms. That’s commitment! And they agree to take on quite a responsibility: to form the direction Them Days heads in the future, to make decisions about how it runs, to manage projects like the construction (WOW!), to help out at events like craft fairs, and they have to put up with me! Sheesh, they’ve got a lot on their plates. And if you look at the mastheads in the back issues of Them Days, you’ll notice that some board members stay on the board for years! I’ve also noticed that many former board members are still strong supporters of Them Days, even long after they’ve stopped actively volunteering. It’s so nice to see!

So another big THANK YOU to our Board members, past and present, during this National Volunteer Week.


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National Volunteer Week 2010

This week is National Volunteer Week, and so it seems fitting to say a big THANK YOU to the volunteers who make Them Days what it is. As a non-profit organization, we rely on our supporters to keep going, and a big part of our supporters are our volunteers. In recognition of National Volunteer Week, I’ll be discussing volunteers on our blog all week long.

It’s only fitting, then, to mention our newest Katimavik volunteer, Jenna. Jenna just arrived in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Wednesday, but Katimavik-ers waste no time in starting volunteer work, and so already she has volunteered at the Friendship Centre serving dinner at their Winter Warm-up meal. And of course, she has already started volunteering at Them Days. This is her third rotation in Katimavik, so she’s lived in two other places and worked in four other community groups over the past six months.

Jenna, multi-tasking already!

I’d give more details about her, but Jenna is going to introduce herself in a blog post (she’s an experienced blogger and is excited about being a contributor to Today at Them Days), so I’ll leave that to her and discuss Katimavik instead.

Katimavik is a Canadian organization that partners charitable organizations with volunteers in communities across Canada. The participants in Katimavik, the volunteers, are between the ages of 17 and 21, and they live together in groups of 11 (and with a project leader) for six or nine months. The Katimavik groups that come to Goose Bay are part of the “Classic Program,” which is nine months long, so I’ll describe that one. They live in three communities for three months each, and while they’re in the communities, they work at non-profit organizations. Here in Goose Bay, the Katimavik participants work at Them Days, the Paddon Home, the Nunatsiavut Government’s Department of Health and Social Development, the Labrador Friendship Centre, the SPCA, CLEAN (Central Labrador Environmental Action Network), Birch Brook, Ecole Boréale and la fédération des parents francophones (and that’s just this time around). They also do other community work outside of regular working hours too. You might have seen them at the Labrador Winter Games, the Trapline Marathon, or any other community event around town.

The sixth group of Katimavik participants to come through in the past couple of years

Katimavik has had a long partnership with Happy Valley-Goose Bay – participants have been volunteering in our community off and on since about 1980! (Typically, communities will host Katimavik projects for a few years at a time, then they must say good bye to share the wealth around.) Them Days has had Katimavik volunteers since the 1980s as well…we’ve found references to Katimavik in magazines and the guestbook going back quite some time! Each Katimavik volunteer who has worked here has contributed full-time work to Them Days – that’s a lot of volunteer hours! There has been much accomplished here in the past couple of years since we started working with them again that wouldn’t have been done otherwise. Thank you Katimavik!


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