National Volunteer Week: Our Board

It would be hard to go through National Volunteer Week without recognizing our Board of Directors. They are the volunteers who stick with it through everything. When they join the board at an AGM, they agree to stay on the board for one- or two-year terms. That’s commitment! And they agree to take on quite a responsibility: to form the direction Them Days heads in the future, to make decisions about how it runs, to manage projects like the construction (WOW!), to help out at events like craft fairs, and they have to put up with me! Sheesh, they’ve got a lot on their plates. And if you look at the mastheads in the back issues of Them Days, you’ll notice that some board members stay on the board for years! I’ve also noticed that many former board members are still strong supporters of Them Days, even long after they’ve stopped actively volunteering. It’s so nice to see!

So another big THANK YOU to our Board members, past and present, during this National Volunteer Week.



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