So, I was trying to come up with a good blog enrty idea, and it occured to me….You guys don’t know that much about me. I mean, I told you about where I live and I have a ginormous family, but that’s really only scratching the surface. So, I am going to give you the “Big Picture.”

So, to begin with, I was born in Geulph, Ont. My Mom’s name is Sherry.   I have four biological siblings. Angel, Shane, Amber and Lacey. Amber, Lacey and I were adopted when I was five years old by our Uncle Dan and Aunt Judy in Alberta because of personal reasons. So anyway, we obviously moved to Alberta, and a few months later my Mom moved out to be with us. Once there, she started dating and eventually married.   The three of us also gained five new brothers and sisters (Reagh, Tim (also adopted) Melissa, Jonathan, and Justin) in addition to the other two, thus making me the youngest of ten children. There really isn’t much to delve into with my family. Tim got married about four years ago to my sister-in-law Sharon, and they have three beautiful children: Jayda (5), Keira (3), and Liam (1). My older sister, Angel also has a daughter: Cheyenne (4), and Jonathan got married just last summer. Her name is Jessica. Well….I really don’t know what else to tell you about my family-family…….But maybe I can tell you a little bit about my Katimavik Family…..

What you might not know, is we come into this program knowing that we will be sharing a home with eleven other people for nine months. Now, as i’m sure you can imagine, this came as no challenge to me whatsoever. Little did I know, something huge was about to take place. A few days after Christmas, we lost five of our group members due to personal reasons, leaving us with only six. This came as a big shock for all of us, but eventually we were able to move on and continue the program. We decided that no one else was going to leave. That we were in this together. Well, two days ago, we found out were losing a sixth member. He’s going home tomorrow, leaving us with only five. This is really difficult for me, because he is one of my best friends in the group and I’m sad to see him go. He will definitley be missed. But I made a promise to myself. I am not quitting. I am going to see this thing through to the end! I am so grateful that I have this amazing opportunity and I am not going to throw it all away!



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