“How does your garden grow?”

So, today Aimee and I interviewed a woman who has kept her garden going for almost 70 years! That’s a lot of dedication! She has grown potatoes, carrots, turnips, onions, lettuce, cabbage, even pumpkins! She even won an award for the biggest turnip in the province! It was really interesting talking with her, and learning more about gardens and such. She had the cutest dogs too! But then, I love dogs so that doesn’t really count, I guess. Haha.

I’m at my billets house this week. Did I tell you about the billeting week? Well, every rotation, the participants each spend ten days at someone’s house to get to know the community a little better. It’s really a great experience! I love billeting! They feed me a lot…..I like food…. 🙂

Aaaaanyway……Aimee and I get to learn how to make fish nets today. This should be exciting!!

Until next time…..Chow!!

Jenna 🙂


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