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Welcome Heather & Mailout!

Summer must really officially be here. This week, we welcomed Heather to the office, our first summer student of the season. Fresh from graduation, Heather is eager to do lots of work here at Them Days. Her first few days were occupied completely by the process of getting the magazine back from the printers and out to our loyal readers.

First, we went and picked up the boxes of magazines from Provincial Airlines Cargo.

When Heather and I went to pick up the magazines, we saw this big plane at the airport.

It’s unusual to see such a huge plane here in Goose Bay. I mean, it happens from time to time, but it’s exciting to see them when they come in. They’re bigger than everything around!

After loading the boxes into the car, we were set to come back to the office!

When we get back to the office, we have to go through each box and make sure that our readers and retailers get magazines that are free from errors. Sometimes with printing, pages can get upside down or mixed up before stapling, or a page will print blank. It doesn’t happen often, but we make sure that you don’t find one of them in your mailbox. (And if you do, let us know!) Then we stuff the envelopes and put mailing labels on each envelope.

When we get the magazines back, every available surface is covered in the reading room

...really, every surface. No comfortable sit-on-the-couch-and-work day for us!

Hello Heather! Welcome to Them Days! Here, Heather prepares magazines for a retail store.

Subscriptions ready to go out!

Magazines for retailers ready to go out

Also, on a final note, watch out for Them Days in the 2010 Labrador Canoe Regatta in about a month’s time! We’ll be racing in the novelty race. Woo hoo!!


P.S. Jenna and the rest of her Katimavik comrades left town today — no more Katimavik volunteers until the fall! They have a long day of travelling ahead of them (Jenna doesn’t arrive in Calgary until 1:00am Calgary time), so wish them a safe and happy journey!

P.P.S. Tomorrow is Canada Day, so we’ll be closed tomorrow and then open again on Friday. Have a happy Canada Day! (And happy anniversary to my Nanny & Poppy Chaulk, who will be celebrating their anniversary tomorrow as well. They met on the S.S. Kyle many moons ago!)


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Good Bye, Goose Bay, Labrador!

Well! This is it!! I have officially completed my time here at Them Days and Goose Bay period! Wow….time flew by sooo fast! I am going to miss Aimee and Kelly and all of you so much! You guys have truly made this the best rotation I have ever had! I loved everything about this place, and I am sorry to leave it.

But don’t think your getting rid of me that easily!! I have already made plans to come visit ya’ll hopefully next summer if all goes well! So expect to hear from me!!

Until then, Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart!! I love this province and am so grateful to you for sharing it with me!! Love you all!!


Jenna πŸ™‚

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Inuttitut class, Expo, Katimavik final presentation…whew!

Whew! I have been quite busy lately! Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to lately!

My Inuttitut class is over, sadly. I miss it already…after six weeks of intensive classes (three hours every morning Tuesday to Friday) it seems strange not to go there in the morning. After our final exam last Friday, we went out for dinner. We felt like we need some sort of ceremony to mark the end of our class, and fish and chips did the job in lieu of a cap-and-gown occasion.

Me and my Inuttitut class at our dinner to celebrate the end of the course(s)!

Monday was supposed to mark the first day of being back at work full-time on a normal schedule. Well, I wasn’t at work for long on Monday when it was time to go to the 2010 Expo Labrador.

Jenna and I at our booth on the second day of Expo Labrador.

I was there for the rest of the day on Monday, and then I was there all day Tuesday! On Monday, Robin, one of our board members stopped by to help, and on Tuesday, Allan, another board member helped out during his lunch break. I also had Jenna to help me out on Tuesday…so thanks to everybody who helped out! A couple of other board members and friends of Them Days stopped by for a chat. We met a lot of new people too – it was nice to meet you all!

Working at Expo is like living in a really close-knit neighbourhood for a couple of days. The people in the booths around you become your neighbours, and just like neighbours, you talk with them, get to know them, eat together, borrow a cup of sugar and watch their kids (the Expo equivalents of those last two things are using pens and notepads from nearby booths and keeping an eye on the tables while you run to the washroom). The aisles are like streets, so there’s people next door, across the street, around the corner, etc. Well, around the corner and up the street, there was some gold panning on the go at the Department of Natural Resources booth…it was super neat, but I was unsuccessful in my hunt for gold!

The participants unveil their mural, designed to give exposure to the Friendship Centre's youth centre. Jenna's the one in the middle waving her arm.

Tuesday evening was the Katimavik Final Presentation at the Friendship Centre. Work partners, billet families and other Katimavik-friends from the community were there to see Jenna and co. thank the community for hosting them, and for the community to thank the Katimavik group (which included me making a last-minute speech! Ack!). It was a dessert potluck, so Jenna and I continued our day of eating ‘free food’ (we enjoyed the two “Nutrition Breaks” earlier in the day at the Expo).

The group put on a skit that combined video and real-life acting in a Jeopardy!-inspired format. It was funny!

Now I must get ready for the rest of the summer…our first summer student starts on Monday!!


P.S. Those of you keeping track of the World Cup – isn’t it exciting this year? All sorts of surprises. I’m just happy Germany rebounded from the loss to Serbia and is continuing to the round of 16!

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It’s so hard to believe i’ve only got two more days of work left at Them Days and one more week in Labrador! Time flies so fast! Exactly a week from today, I will be on a plane to Alberta! Wow….crazy. I have really enjoyed my time here! Aimee and Kelly and everyone else I met have made this such an unforgetable experience for me!

Yesterday Aimee and I were at the Labrador Expo thing and we sat down all day. I tell ya, it’s hard work being lazy! Luckily there were “Nutrition Breaks” and we were to gather goodies. I won a jacket, which was exciting. I hardly ever win anything so that was pretty cool!

My group had our final presentation last night and I think it turned out rather well! We showed a slide show of our time in Goose Bay, ate some munchies and pretty much just socialized! It was a great time, and we had a very nice turn out.

Did I mention I arrive in Calgary at one o’clock in the morning on July 1st? *Groan*!

Until next time…..Chow!!

Jenna πŸ™‚

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More student summer jobs!

Them Days has two more summer student jobs up! We’re looking for an Editorial Assistant and an Archival Assistant. Both promise to be good jobs with some fantastic work experience! Could it be you? Check out the links for more information!

Don’t forget – tomorrow is the deadline for applications for the Nain summer student!


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We’re having our 48 hours off this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited for it!! I’m going to my billet’s for some of it and just kind of chilling for the rest.

The weather is clearly not sure what it wants to today. One minute it’s blue, then it’s grey and five minutes later it’s blue again. It is currently grey, but who knows how long that will last! I’ve heard from many people Labrador actually usually has a lot of sun around this time. Well, I guess we picked the wrong year to come visit!! Oh well, it’s all part of the Katimavik experience, right?

I discovered two days ago that I know more french than I thought I did! We had a french evaluation which is when somebody calls to see how we’ve improved in our seond language since the begining. I know more than I did at the begining, that’s for sure!!


Jenna πŸ™‚

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The weekend is here!

Friday is here, and it is HOT!! I’m wearing jeans, and it’s just sweltering. Time to break out the summer wardrobe for sure! The Weather Network is reporting 24 degrees right now. Whew! Perfect day to spend some time working in the nice, cool archive! With the magazine finished, maybe that’s what Jenna and I will do.

It’s hard to believe there’s only one more week of class left for my Inuttitut class. I’m going to miss it when it’s over! For my final assignment, I’m writing a children’s story. It’s coming along pretty well. I’m having so much fun writing it…I’m totally caught up in the adventures of my characters.

In the news this week, we’ve heard that the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has declared 976 lighthouses to be surplus property. Local groups have two years to come up with a plan (and money!) to maintain these iconic structures if they want them to stay. In just the last issue of Them Days, we had a couple of stories about lighthouse keepers, so I’m finding this news very interesting. First, lighthouse keepers were replaced by automatic timers, now the buildings themselves are being replaced with newer, uglier structures because they’re cheaper to maintain. Somehow, I think metal towers aren’t going to illicit the same sort of emotions that traditional lighthouses do. I hope community groups are able to do something to save these buildings, even if it’s just for tourism/heritage purposes.

World Cup fever has hit me hard…I am so glad CBC is airing games online so that I can watch them! (I don’t have cable at home, and I can either get perfect sound or a pretty good image from CBC with the antenna outside my house…but not both at the same time.) I find it so amazing that the whole world is tuning in and watching the games. How cool is that?

Have a good weekend everybody!! I’m glad that the only thing I need to work on this weekend is my Inuttitut story…last weekend we had a massive yard sale, and even though it only lasted Saturday morning, I was wore out all weekend!


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