Inuttitut class, Expo, Katimavik final presentation…whew!

Whew! I have been quite busy lately! Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to lately!

My Inuttitut class is over, sadly. I miss it already…after six weeks of intensive classes (three hours every morning Tuesday to Friday) it seems strange not to go there in the morning. After our final exam last Friday, we went out for dinner. We felt like we need some sort of ceremony to mark the end of our class, and fish and chips did the job in lieu of a cap-and-gown occasion.

Me and my Inuttitut class at our dinner to celebrate the end of the course(s)!

Monday was supposed to mark the first day of being back at work full-time on a normal schedule. Well, I wasn’t at work for long on Monday when it was time to go to the 2010 Expo Labrador.

Jenna and I at our booth on the second day of Expo Labrador.

I was there for the rest of the day on Monday, and then I was there all day Tuesday! On Monday, Robin, one of our board members stopped by to help, and on Tuesday, Allan, another board member helped out during his lunch break. I also had Jenna to help me out on Tuesday…so thanks to everybody who helped out! A couple of other board members and friends of Them Days stopped by for a chat. We met a lot of new people too – it was nice to meet you all!

Working at Expo is like living in a really close-knit neighbourhood for a couple of days. The people in the booths around you become your neighbours, and just like neighbours, you talk with them, get to know them, eat together, borrow a cup of sugar and watch their kids (the Expo equivalents of those last two things are using pens and notepads from nearby booths and keeping an eye on the tables while you run to the washroom). The aisles are like streets, so there’s people next door, across the street, around the corner, etc. Well, around the corner and up the street, there was some gold panning on the go at the Department of Natural Resources booth…it was super neat, but I was unsuccessful in my hunt for gold!

The participants unveil their mural, designed to give exposure to the Friendship Centre's youth centre. Jenna's the one in the middle waving her arm.

Tuesday evening was the Katimavik Final Presentation at the Friendship Centre. Work partners, billet families and other Katimavik-friends from the community were there to see Jenna and co. thank the community for hosting them, and for the community to thank the Katimavik group (which included me making a last-minute speech! Ack!). It was a dessert potluck, so Jenna and I continued our day of eating ‘free food’ (we enjoyed the two “Nutrition Breaks” earlier in the day at the Expo).

The group put on a skit that combined video and real-life acting in a Jeopardy!-inspired format. It was funny!

Now I must get ready for the rest of the summer…our first summer student starts on Monday!!


P.S. Those of you keeping track of the World Cup – isn’t it exciting this year? All sorts of surprises. I’m just happy Germany rebounded from the loss to Serbia and is continuing to the round of 16!


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