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Interviews and articles and canoes, oh my.

Our deadline is fast approaching and we’re all working hard to finish what needs to be done, so it’s been a bit busy. Because I’m going on holidays soon, I’m only going to be here for one more week so I have to do all that I have to in four days (five including today, and Monday is a holiday)! This will be fun. My goal is to finish the article, the Labrador Gallery, and hopefully conduct a couple of more interviews. I have one out of seven done. My first interview was this past Monday with a family friend and it went wonderfully! I hope the rest of them go smoothly, too. I’m going to have to call some people to ask about interviews, but the list of names is unable to be found at the moment. We’ll find it soon, though.

Also this week, I read the book “Publish Your Family History : Preserving Your Heritage in a Book” by Susan Yates and Greg Ioannou. A relatively short book (152 pages including the appendix and index), it describes how to plan, print and publish your own book. It explains roughly how long each step of writing a book would take and gives you a mock schedule that you would follow if you wanted to have a book published by a certain date. Also, it tells how you would print a book by yourself, how to find a printer if you needed to, what programs to use to create your book, how to edit it, and how you would find a suitable publisher for your book (just to name a few). If ever writing a book, this would be your ideal companion.

Now that I’ve covered the “Interviews and articles” part of the title, on to the canoes. This weekend is the annual Labrador Canoe Regatta and Them Days will be rowing in the novelty race (I do believe)! I was going to join the team but unfortunately, I can’t. It saddens me to say that I don’t really have enough experience canoeing to be rowing with a team, SO, I will be going to the Regatta and cheering on the team as best as I can from the sidelines (while eating one of the incredible poutines that can be found at the beach). This weekend, go on down to Gosling Park to support the Regatta! 🙂

That’s all for now, I guess. I’ll write again before I go on holidays! 😀

– Breanna


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Busy Summer Weekends (and weeks, for that matter)

Well, it’s that time of year again – time for all sorts of festivals! Last weekend Happy Valley-Goose Bay hosted its very first Pride celebration (congrats to the organizers for a job well done) and North West River held its 25th Annual Beach Festival. It isn’t held at the beach anymore, but it’s still a good time. The beach is only a few minutes’ walk away, so I went and sat in the water for awhile. When my grandparents lived down in North West River, they lived on the beach and so I spent a lot of time on that beach as a kid.

My husband got tired of standing around while I sat in the water (guess he’s not used to Labrador water temperatures!) so eventually we made our way back to the festival in time for an auction and then for some music. Really, that’s what all of this was a lead-in to – the music.

We watched the Gregoire Boys perform with the Nunatsiavut Drumdancers from Nain. It was really neat. I made a couple of videos. They’re not great (my videos, that is — the performances were awesome all around) because I recorded them from my seat on the bench. I didn’t move because I was sticking to the seat because I was drying off from the water and it was kind of uncomfortable. So you can see the backs of people’s heads…that just makes you feel more like you’re there, right? Right??

This weekend coming up we have the regatta! Mulliauk Mouche, the Them Days team (sponsored by HOB & Associates for 19 years) will be there…wish us luck!

We’ve also been really busy here in the office. Interviews, transcribing, archiving…Jess has been really busy up in Nain too. We have such an awesome team here (and there!).

Ah! The thunder just started and the rain is coming down in SHEETS. I’d better finish this blog before the power goes out AGAIN.


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Hey everyone!

I’m Jess Flowers, the new Summer student in Nain! (I realize its kind of late to be doing my first blog, since I started about 5 days ago! My apologies 🙂 )  So far, I’ve been having a really good time at this job,which I’m sure I still will by the end of the summer .

  Today, Toni showed me around the building and introduced me to everyone, which was nice. Also, becuase I couldn’t do an

interview today, I have gone around in my truck and taken mostly scenery pictures in Nain 🙂  I also got detoured by a huge .. automobile and took me forever to turn around on a road, so I guess I’ll be walking next time ,haha. Next week I have 4 interviews which I’m a little ticklish for, but still very “pumped” 🙂

So, enjoy the pictures if I get them on, and I’ll be blogging again!


Jess Flowers

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Poorly crafted book boxes

As indicated in the title, people can clearly not be great at everything. Our (Heather and my) challenge for this morning was to help clean out the storage office with Aimee and Kayla. It all started yesterday afternoon when it was decided that everything in that room needed to be put away. So, Heather and I worked at the books. We put most of the books back on the shelf where they belonged, but then we got to the ones that needed special care. Those required book boxes. The boxes are made by folding special cardboard-like material into a covering for the book. Simple, right? Apparently not. I made one box that I was quite proud of, but the cover was a bit too short (the two ends didn’t meet). I can only improve, though!

Also this week, Aimee asked if I wanted to do a book review so I read a book called “Genealogy and the Law in Canada” by Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson. Basically, the book details how genealogists should go about getting the information that they need without breaching copyright laws, libelling (“misrepresent damagingly” – new word!) others, etc. Dr. Wilkinson also explains the laws surrounding the files of both alive and deceased individuals (in Canada only). To put it simply, my information is my information and your information is your information. If I wanted to access a file concerning you, I would have to seek permission to use it. The chapters are as follows: 1 – Privacy and Personal Data Protection, 2- The Business of Genealogy, 3- Cemeteries as Sources of Genealogical Information, 4- Copyright in Genealogy, 5- Genealogy and Libel Law. If any of those titles are of interest to you because you pursue genealogy as a hobby or you just really enjoy Law, I would most definitely recommend this book! It is extremely detailed and would answers most, if not all of the questions you may have. The next book on my list is currently in my bag, waiting to be read.

Anywho, I suppose I should get back to helping the girls clean up (and make some more book boxes).

– Breanna

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Some things that might be of interest to our readers:

  • Inuit remains return to the graves of Zoar – the office has been buzzing with this news for the past couple of days. Another article about it.
  • Viking settlement discovery celebrated – Can you believe it’s been 50 years since the Viking settlement at L’Anse-aux-Meadows was discovered?
  • And, just for fun, the heritage moment about the Vikings
  • Old Harry sparks new border dispute – A new boundary dispute between NL and Quebec…I have to say, this line is interesting :

    And unlike Quebec’s longtime refusal to recognize the 1927 line defining where its wilderness ends and rocky Labrador begins, the stakes in this latest boundary discord are huge.

  • Trans-Labrador Highway – it has a website! I never knew!
  • Anyway, that’s it for today!


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    One MORE summer student!

    So…remember awhile ago when I was looking for a summer student up in Nain? Well, we found one! Her name is Jessica, and she’s totally ‘pumped’ (that’s one of Heather’s words) to start interviewing people up there. We are totally excited to be working with her from afar, and I can tell already that she’s going to be good! She’ll introduce herself on the blog probably tomorrow, and then she’ll be updating all our readers on what’s going on in Nain. 🙂 Welcome to the Them Days team, Jessica! We may be far, but remember, we’re only a phone call or an e-mail away!

    Today we had an interview here in the office – Heather conducted her very first interview! It went very well – I’m so proud of my students this year!

    Anyway, I must run…time to go!


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    Interviewing and transcribing

    It’s been fun around here the past week. All of us have been keeping busy with one thing or another. Filing, transcribing, organizing- there’s always something to do. I think I’ve found a topic for an article so I’ll be writing that for the next little while (among other things). Hopefully the idea hasn’t already been taken. This week, our hard work was rewarded by getting paid. In celebration, Aimee, Kayla, Heather and I went to Pizza Delight for dinner. It was delicious!

    (l to r) Heather, Kayla, me, and Aimee paying for our meal.

    Yesterday morning, Heather, Kayla and I went with Aimee to interview her grandfather, Morris Chaulk. It was the first interview us summer students had been on so Aimee was the interviewer. She demonstrated how to properly conduct an interview. It was great because her grandfather was a wonderful speaker! We spent the morning there with him, listening to all of his stories and learning how to do an interview.

    Aimee's grandfather, talking about his early life.

    The transcription of the interview has already begun so we’ll all be kept busy with that for a while. Also in the future, Heather and I have to go through several interviews ourselves! We’re going to have to hurry up and find some people to before the end of the summer. I know I can’t wait! I will hopefully get to talk to seven people. Now all I have to do is find seven willing candidates.

    I suppose I should go work on researching again… Bye for now!

    – Breanna

    p.s. My apologies if the pictures are a tad small. I’ll have to make them bigger next time!

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