I think this is the start of a great friendship

Hello everyone!

Aimee asked me if I wanted to help with the blog and I thought it would be fun, so I agreed to do it. I’ve never blogged before, so everyone will have to bear with me until I get the hang of it. Hopefully I’ll soon learn how to post pictures to liven up my blogs!

Kayla and I started work here on Wednesday, and I think it’s going really good thus far. We’re getting into the swing of things this week, taking it a little slow, and learning everything that we’ll need to know about Them Days. She’s making her way through a huge book at the moment, detailing how to do her job (I think)! The past couple of days I’ve just been looking for a topic to write an article but I haven’t found anything yet. By looking through the index of APL files, I’ve come across so many interesting things I don’t know how I’m going to choose just one to write about! Heather has been working on the calendar since Kayla and I arrived (and before?). We’ve all learned that nothing happens in May! Aimee and Kelly have been absolutely wonderful since we got here. Thanks guys!

In three days I’ve learned to appreciate the archives room. It contains so much history it’s almost unbelievable! From genealogy to photos, past newspaper to old correspondence, the archives here has everything! I can’t wait to have to dig around in the old files and learn more about Labrador’s history. Also on the plus side, the archives is the coolest room in the building (it has to preserve the documents) so it’s great going back there on hot days. Yesterday was my turn to sweep that room. I took my time and made sure it was nice and clean. It was a relief to go from +30 degrees (and humid!) outside to the cold of the archives.

Speaking of the weather, I checked the long-term weather forecast on the Weather Network before I came to work and it appears we might be in for a few days of sun? Cross your fingers! It would be nice to catch some rays before the summer ends.

I guess that’s it for me today. I have to go back to finding a topic to write on. Wish me luck!

– Breanna



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3 responses to “I think this is the start of a great friendship

  1. June

    I was wondering if there is a way to find search for things on your website, particularly family information ie family trees? Thanks

    • Hi June,

      Take a look at our online finding aid: http://www.themdays.com/icaatom-1.0.7/web/index.php. You can do a search on there to see if there’s any relevant information in our archives. The actual contents aren’t online, but you’ll be able to see if we have anything of interest. You can then come by the office and look at it, or if you’re away, we can photocopy the information and send it to you (fees apply). Hope that helps!

  2. June

    Thanks i will drop by soon.

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