Interviewing and transcribing

It’s been fun around here the past week. All of us have been keeping busy with one thing or another. Filing, transcribing, organizing- there’s always something to do. I think I’ve found a topic for an article so I’ll be writing that for the next little while (among other things). Hopefully the idea hasn’t already been taken. This week, our hard work was rewarded by getting paid. In celebration, Aimee, Kayla, Heather and I went to Pizza Delight for dinner. It was delicious!

(l to r) Heather, Kayla, me, and Aimee paying for our meal.

Yesterday morning, Heather, Kayla and I went with Aimee to interview her grandfather, Morris Chaulk. It was the first interview us summer students had been on so Aimee was the interviewer. She demonstrated how to properly conduct an interview. It was great because her grandfather was a wonderful speaker! We spent the morning there with him, listening to all of his stories and learning how to do an interview.

Aimee's grandfather, talking about his early life.

The transcription of the interview has already begun so we’ll all be kept busy with that for a while. Also in the future, Heather and I have to go through several interviews ourselves! We’re going to have to hurry up and find some people to before the end of the summer. I know I can’t wait! I will hopefully get to talk to seven people. Now all I have to do is find seven willing candidates.

I suppose I should go work on researching again… Bye for now!

– Breanna

p.s. My apologies if the pictures are a tad small. I’ll have to make them bigger next time!


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