Poorly crafted book boxes

As indicated in the title, people can clearly not be great at everything. Our (Heather and my) challenge for this morning was to help clean out the storage office with Aimee and Kayla. It all started yesterday afternoon when it was decided that everything in that room needed to be put away. So, Heather and I worked at the books. We put most of the books back on the shelf where they belonged, but then we got to the ones that needed special care. Those required book boxes. The boxes are made by folding special cardboard-like material into a covering for the book. Simple, right? Apparently not. I made one box that I was quite proud of, but the cover was a bit too short (the two ends didn’t meet). I can only improve, though!

Also this week, Aimee asked if I wanted to do a book review so I read a book called “Genealogy and the Law in Canada” by Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson. Basically, the book details how genealogists should go about getting the information that they need without breaching copyright laws, libelling (“misrepresent damagingly” – new word!) others, etc. Dr. Wilkinson also explains the laws surrounding the files of both alive and deceased individuals (in Canada only). To put it simply, my information is my information and your information is your information. If I wanted to access a file concerning you, I would have to seek permission to use it. The chapters are as follows: 1 – Privacy and Personal Data Protection, 2- The Business of Genealogy, 3- Cemeteries as Sources of Genealogical Information, 4- Copyright in Genealogy, 5- Genealogy and Libel Law. If any of those titles are of interest to you because you pursue genealogy as a hobby or you just really enjoy Law, I would most definitely recommend this book! It is extremely detailed and would answers most, if not all of the questions you may have. The next book on my list is currently in my bag, waiting to be read.

Anywho, I suppose I should get back to helping the girls clean up (and make some more book boxes).

– Breanna


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