Hey everyone!

I’m Jess Flowers, the new Summer student in Nain! (I realize its kind of late to be doing my first blog, since I started about 5 days ago! My apologies 🙂 )  So far, I’ve been having a really good time at this job,which I’m sure I still will by the end of the summer .

  Today, Toni showed me around the building and introduced me to everyone, which was nice. Also, becuase I couldn’t do an

interview today, I have gone around in my truck and taken mostly scenery pictures in Nain 🙂  I also got detoured by a huge .. automobile and took me forever to turn around on a road, so I guess I’ll be walking next time ,haha. Next week I have 4 interviews which I’m a little ticklish for, but still very “pumped” 🙂

So, enjoy the pictures if I get them on, and I’ll be blogging again!


Jess Flowers


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  1. Love the blog entry, Jess! Beautiful pictures too! (BTW, I’m totally cracking up at the “pumped” reference because you’ve managed to get in on an office joke all the way from Nain! I love that the office spirit has travelled all the way up the coast.) – Aimee

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