Interviews and articles and canoes, oh my.

Our deadline is fast approaching and we’re all working hard to finish what needs to be done, so it’s been a bit busy. Because I’m going on holidays soon, I’m only going to be here for one more week so I have to do all that I have to in four days (five including today, and Monday is a holiday)! This will be fun. My goal is to finish the article, the Labrador Gallery, and hopefully conduct a couple of more interviews. I have one out of seven done. My first interview was this past Monday with a family friend and it went wonderfully! I hope the rest of them go smoothly, too. I’m going to have to call some people to ask about interviews, but the list of names is unable to be found at the moment. We’ll find it soon, though.

Also this week, I read the book “Publish Your Family History : Preserving Your Heritage in a Book” by Susan Yates and Greg Ioannou. A relatively short book (152 pages including the appendix and index), it describes how to plan, print and publish your own book. It explains roughly how long each step of writing a book would take and gives you a mock schedule that you would follow if you wanted to have a book published by a certain date. Also, it tells how you would print a book by yourself, how to find a printer if you needed to, what programs to use to create your book, how to edit it, and how you would find a suitable publisher for your book (just to name a few). If ever writing a book, this would be your ideal companion.

Now that I’ve covered the “Interviews and articles” part of the title, on to the canoes. This weekend is the annual Labrador Canoe Regatta and Them Days will be rowing in the novelty race (I do believe)! I was going to join the team but unfortunately, I can’t. It saddens me to say that I don’t really have enough experience canoeing to be rowing with a team, SO, I will be going to the Regatta and cheering on the team as best as I can from the sidelines (while eating one of the incredible poutines that can be found at the beach). This weekend, go on down to Gosling Park to support the Regatta! 🙂

That’s all for now, I guess. I’ll write again before I go on holidays! 😀

– Breanna


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