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Farewell, Them Days!


I’ve been pretty busy these last couple of days, looking over transcripts, writting my report and cleaning out my office because today, I am sad to report will be my last with Them Days 😦 . It is a bit early, but I have to get back to Hopedale with my family and pack for college! Seriously, where did the time go!?

I have really enjoyed my time in Nain and working with Them Days, hearing stories from elders and talking to them.  I’m going to miss it so much! It has been an unforgettable experience. I cannot wait for the issues to come out!

I’ll choose to keep this short and sweet, so good bye everybody and enjoy what’s left of your summer. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you all in Goose Bay this fall. (I’ve also attatched some pictures I found from a few weeks ago of Nain)

Jess 🙂


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Home sweet home.

Hello all,

It’s good to be back to work after my two week vacation. It was so much fun! We took the new road to Cartwright and travelled down the coast to catch the ferry to Newfoundland in Blanc Sablon. The sights were simply breathtaking! The trees were so green and the water was so blue it was as if we had stepped into a painting. To top it all off, the road was terrific! We kept forgetting that it wasn’t paved.

In two weeks, the office has changed quite a bit. Upon my return to work yesterday it was just Morgon (Aimee’s husband) and I here because everyone else was either done work or on holidays. I think Kayla will be back tomorrow so we’ll have some more company around here. As for Aimee, she’s taking a holiday (and working hard putting together the last bit of the magazine. You can do it)!

At the moment, I should be working through the index. Just looking at it gives me a headache. I now understand where Heather and Aimee were coming from when they were working on it!

I suppose that’s all for now,


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Hello readers…

Here are a few links you might find interesting…more of an archival flavour this time!

  1. The Memory Project – Stories of the Second World War from Canadian Veterans. It’s like Them Days, on a really big scale! I haven’t dug around much in this site yet, but I can’t wait to try.
  2. Behind the Scenes at New York Public Library’s Conservation Lab – Ever wonder what conservators do? Now you can find out! (I’ve been to workshops where stuff like this is touched on and I think it’s just fascinating!
  3. Guardians of the nation’s attic – We’ve got tons of interesting things in the Them Days Archive – so just imagine what an institution the size of the U.S. National Archive holds! Their paper archives alone could circle the world 57 times!! (Just imagine the engineering feats in keeping that weight in a building!)
  4. Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943 – Some really cool old photos – in colour! I loved seeing photos from the late ’30s – early ’40s in colour. I’m so used to seeing them in black and white that it’s easy to forget that dresses did indeed come in bright red and blue, that buildings were colourful and children were rosy-cheeked. The photos are very striking — I’ve had this tab open for days on my computer at home just so I can look at them again and again. I’m just linking to one post in particular, but this photo blog (‘plog’ for short) is amazing!

That’s it for now!


P.S. Jess’ blog post the other day was our 200th entry on the blog! Wow!

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Mulliauk Mouche – Them Days at the Regatta 2010

It was Regatta weekend this past weekend, and it was perfect for a regatta! The sun was shining and the rain stayed away…which was good because were racing on Monday!

This marked Mulliauk Mouche’s 19th year — which means our team is older than our summer students — and we were decked out in our t-shirts, hats and life jackets. (I declared that we were the “safety-est” team since we were the only ones who were ALL wearing life jackets even though it was optional for those of us 18 and over…how’s that for some editorial-quality language?)

I was also interviewed by CBC before the race…click to hear!

Getting in the canoe!

Everyone ready? Allan, Mary, me, Kayla, Johnny and Morgon are off to the starting line!

And we're off! Is that Mulliauk Mouche in the lead???!!!

Kayla's mom was our photographer, so no wonder she got such a nice photo of Kayla and her brother who subbed in the race!

Making sure we're safe!

About to cross the finish line (that orange buoy in front). Woo hoo!!!!

We covered 1.5 km in 21 minutes and 33 seconds — not bad! — and finished just out of the medals to come in 4th place out of four teams…shhh!.

Mulliauk Mouche gather for a photo after a long race. Go team!

Board Member and Mulliauk Mouche's best stroke counter, Mary, and her husband Leo. (The mayor!)

Me and my grandparents (Morris and Bertha Chaulk) at the Regatta. We're pretty cool with our shades. That's right.

Thank you to all of our supporters who came out (we actually had a lot of people turn up to cheer us on!) and to HOB Associates for sponsoring us once again. We all had a really great time!


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Hey Again 🙂 ,

So, I have completed my first interviews and it went wonderfully! My first one was so easy, I barely had to say anything- she was terrific, and she greatly appreciated what Them Days is all about, she was so thankful that she could get her story out. The second is one that Aimee hooked me up with, another great person who I could tell, had many exciting stories, but kept modest, which was okay, she did tell me one hilarious story, and she knew a bit about my family. The next one was with a couple, can you say cute?- They still seemed so in love and he still liked making her laugh, and they were so passionate about where they came from. It was a bit difficult though, it was the first time I really needed an interpreter ( who is awesome!), but they had amazing stories, I enjoyed them all so much.

The weather is beautiful, so nice and sunny- which I have mentioned in my title, and translated it in to Inuttitut 🙂

There has been some really tough times here in Nain this last month, so many tragedies.  My condolences to every family that has been struck by these unfortunate events. Nain truely is a very strong community.


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