Battle Harbour, pt. 2

Okay, let’s see…where did I leave off with Battle Harbour? Oh yes, the tour. After the tour, we had another delicious meal in the dining room above the store. Mmmm…just thinking about it is making me hungry. After breakfast, my husband and I went walking around the island on the trails that go around. We found the cemetary, the memorial to the plane crash (my dad later told me that he remembered it happening), the Marconi tower and lots and lots of beautiful scenery.

Arctic Cotton

Doesn't this look almost like a painting? This was the water around Battle Harbour in the evening. (Looking towards Great Caribou Island)

We walked around until the sun set, then met up with the group again for some snacks and great company. I interviewed one of the other people on the tour, Jim McNeill, about growing up in Makkovik. You can read about it in the September issue of Them Days!

Sunset over Battle Harbour

The fog settled in overnight and when we woke up, the fog was lifting. A perfect morning!

Morning mist lifting across the tickle

After breakfast (seriously, great food at Battle Harbour!) we headed back to Mary’s Harbour and then back to Goose Bay. I can’t wait to go back to Battle Harbour again sometime! I’ve already told everybody in my family that they MUST visit sometime. What an experience!!

Our plane, ready to take us back to Goose Bay

Me and Tom Randell of Provincial Airlines/Innu Mikun, an ardent Them Days supporter.

So a huge thank you to Provincial Airlines/Innu Mikun for the amazing trip. I swear, I haven’t been able to stop talking about it since! If you want to see more pictures, be sure to buy the latest issue of Them Days!



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