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Craft Fair tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the annual Christmas Craft Fair at the College of the North Atlantic, hosted by the Labrador Craft Producers Association. As always, it promises to be a good time and a great opportunity to do your Christmas shopping nice and early! (Well, it seems early to me, a habitual last-minute Christmas shopper!)

Of course, as always, we will be there with bells on. (Okay, not literally!! Although I do have some Christmas socks with bells on them….oh, this is giving me ideas!!) So stop on by and say hi at the Them Days booth as you purchase a gift subscription or a calendar or a gift set!



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Lovely Links!

Some interesting links from around the World Wide Web:

  • Remember 10-10-10? (It was only nine days ago!) Well, this project, One Day on Earth, is attempting to capture it through videos submitted from people all over the world. What a cool project! I wish I had known of it earlier! Oh well, it was a Sunday anyway, so we wouldn’t have gotten anything in there from Them Days. But cool anyway. I can’t wait to see it all edited together!!
  • A heritage group in Ontario takes on the task of saving a local landmark – poet Al Purdy’s former cottage.
  • The power of an archive is seen in this blog entry about the Black Cultural Archives in Britain: Can a National Archive of black Britain change the story?
  • There are all sorts of archives in the world, even ones for fashion houses! Some students at the Parsons New School of Design (Project Runway, anyone?) got a chance to work with some of the clothing in the Louis Vuitton archive.

That’s it for now! Take care, everyone!


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Accidental Whale Watching (Battle Harbour pt. 3)

Picture Heavy Post Ahead!

Back in August (sorry for all the posts about a couple of months ago, but I love to share photos!) when I went to Battle Harbour, we flew over some interesting sights. Because our plane had to pick up some people in St. Anthony, we flew to Mary’s Harbour from there, which made for more exciting scenery.

First we flew over some communities (nobody lives there anymore):

Cape Charles

But that wasn’t all we saw.

Then I saw a whale! From the airplane! I was a little too slow to get a picture (not to mention, too high up) but you can sort of see where they were. I was so excited!

Wow! Seeing a whale from the plane! Imagine that.

Then we landed in Mary’s Harbour and boarded a boat that would take us to Battle Harbour. Oh, the air was lovely and to see all the islands and the water, it was wonderful.

On the boat, we started to see some sea gulls.

But I didn’t actually think we’d see what we saw next.

Then some whales made an appearance!!!

Oh, there were whales!! And much more close up than from the plane. We didn’t even need our binoculars, really.

And more whales! The sightings just became more and more spectacular.

They were so close!

Then some porpoises started coming around, and they started to swim next to us! This was as zoomed out as my camera could go - THAT's how close they were!

Oh so close!

Then we kept seeing more whales...oh so many of them!

There were so many of them! Everybody on the boat had a great view of the whales. We were surrounded!

They liked having an audience, I think.

The whales were really just as pleased as us.

They were showing off all over the place!

They’d surface, we’d gasp and cheer and get excited.


And then they were jumping!!! WOW!!!! They did this about three times, but this was the only shot I got.

Crazy, hey?! Wow. I’ve been on whale watching tours, but nothing has been as spectacular as that ferry ride from Mary’s Harbour to Battle Harbour. It was the perfect start to our stay.

On the way back, we saw a few too, but it was like they knew we were sad to go and they didn’t give us a show.



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Exciting Week

Hello Them Days friends!

It has been an exciting week around here lately. On Wednesday, I opened up my e-mail to find an invitation to the Northern Summit on the Social Economy in Whitehorse – how exciting is that? I can’t wait to go!

Then, also on Wednesday, I went down to Sheshatshiu for a class presentation. I had the greatest group of students! We talked about putting together the magazine, and what’s in an archive, and then we did a fun interview too. I had a really good time, and I can’t wait until they come up here for a field trip. Thanks for the great afternoon, boys!

Other than that, right now Caroline and I are putting together the magazine while I try to distract myself from thinking about my trip to Whitehorse. I think the summit will be very interesting, and a lot of good information should come out of it. And I’ve never been to the territories before, so I’m excited just for the chance to travel as well! I have some family out there, so it will be nice to meet them too.

And, if you’re in Goose Bay, don’t forget to go to the Ten Thousand Villages sale tomorrow (Saturday) at the Northern Cross Church. I’m volunteering there, helping out some friends!


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I know my blog readers like to see pictures from different places in Labrador, so I’m going to share some from a personal trip I took this summer.

Back in August, I travelled to Mulligan, a popular cabin spot that used to be a community about halfway between North West River and Rigolet. My grandparents have a cabin there because my grandfather used to live in Mulligan when he was young. The Chaulks lived in Pearl River but moved to Mulligan so that their kids could go to school. (Remember the song “Pearl River” by Byron “Fiddler” Chaulk?)

We were going to go to the site of the old school, but the path to it is grown over now.

I’ve heard so much about Mulligan my whole life, so it was really nice to be able to go with my family. The trees were a lot taller than in some pictures I’d seen, but it’s not surprising, because Mulligan seems very lush! There’s lots of greenery and it is very picturesque! I can see why my grandmother would call it one of her favourite places on earth.

This is where my grandfather lived when he was young.

Even my dog came, and he loved it too. There’s a beach all along Mulligan, and he ran up and down the sandy shore as soon as we let him off the boat.

My dog Chance had the time of his life in Mulligan. He'd been sort of hesitant of the water before, but he discovered that he really loved it when we were there!

Chance ran all over the beach in Mulligan, back and forth, back and forth! He's a really fast dog, too, so he covered a LOT of ground!

The place was covered in redberries and wild peas. Yum! We picked a couple to munch on while we sat on the beach. (We’d forgotton the keys to the cabin. Oops!)

Wild peas growing in Mulligan!

After visiting that part of Mulligan, we visited the cemetary to visit some graves of family and friends. Even the graveyard was quite beautiful – very quiet, peaceful and moss covered. Unfortunately, some gravestones were broken off – damage quite possibly caused by ski-doos going over them in winter. 😦

Readers familiar with Sketches of Labrador Life and The Diary of Thomas L. Blake would know that both those writers are from Mulligan, and I saw their graves as well.

Hope you enjoyed my trip to Mulligan – I sure did!


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Straits Trip (pt. 2)

After two days in the Straits hawking Them Days wares at the craft fair, it was time to leave. Our visit was too short, but, alas, that’s what’s got to be done when you need to go back to work. I mean, I could have stayed longer if I were interviewing people, but Morgon had to be back at work, so we left L’Anse-au-Loup around supper time. We didn’t want to do another 10 hours or so of strait (oh gosh, that was an appropriate typo!) straight driving, so we broke it up into two legs.

Last time we drove through the other communities in the Straits, it was dark out because it was late at night, so it was nice to see them in the daytime.

Welcome to Capstan Island! There's a more official-looking road sign too, but I like this one much, much more!

On the road to Red Bay. How Pretty!

Just before you get to Red Bay (I think). Starting to get into what I call 'Moon territory' here! That's a flock of birds in the distance, not dirt on the window, by the way.

Speaking of the Moon...

We stopped for a quick bite to eat at a convenience store in Red Bay, then headed back onto the gravel. We ended up staying in Port Hope Simpson for the night and then driving to Goose Bay in the morning. Again, I felt like the road would never end! We kept thinking “oh, we’re almost in town now!” and then the end would be nowhere in sight. It would be nice if there was some more signage on the road that let you know the distances once in awhile.

It would also be nice if people slowed down on that road! We were passed by so many vehicles that were practically flying down the road (and the gravel was literally flying). It would be nice if people could slow down a little and move a little to the side when coming upon another vehicle on the road. There were a few times when I think my heart skipped a beat.

Anyway, on a more pleasant topic, I was so glad to have met so many of our retailers! Because the magazine came out only the week before the fair, I decided to hand-deliever the magazines and calendars to the retailers on the South Coast and in the Straits. We really do have great retailers. I wish I saw them more often!

P & M Variety - where Them Days is sold in L'Anse au Clair! (Also, you can tan, buy fireworks and ice-cream while you're there too.)

Normore Enterprises, where Them Days is sold in L'Anse-au-Loup

Looking back at P & K Enterprises (and a pie from Dot's Bakery in L'Anse-au-Loup), where Them Days is sold in Port Hope Simpson!

And – I can’t believe I did this – even though I did stop in at three other retailers, I didn’t get a picture! So if you’d like to patronize a Them Days retailer, please stop in at BNL Enterprises in Red Bay, Mona’s Place in Lodge Bay (I do have an excuse for not getting a photo – it was dark both times we stopped in!), or B. W. Powell Ltd. in Charlottetown. Also, Brenda’s Cash & Carry in St. Lewis just recently started selling Them Days, so please stop in there as well if you’re in town! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to stop in at Brenda’s because of the way our schedule worked out. Next time!

All in all, it was a really great trip. It was a little rushed, so if we had had a couple extra days, I think it would be perfect. In order to really enjoy a drive around the south coast and straits, you’ve got to spend some time down there, visiting each community. If you’re coming from away, don’t assume you can drive right through – take some time and visit each place! You won’t regret it.


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Elder’s conference at friendship centre

Hey everyone, Caroline here. Yesterday I went over to the friendship centre to the elder’s conference with Sheila. We had lunch with the elders and while there, we met some very interesting people; among them was Todd Russell the Labrador MP. He spoke of the importance of elders in different communities across Labrador and about how listening to what they have to say about life is important. They have so much experiences, knowledge and advice to share.

 While the conference has fun activities planned, it’s also a place where the elders will discuss various social issues concerning them. Todd Russell spoke before we ate lunch and Jean Crane said grace. I’m glad I was able to go and get a little glimpse of what the conference is about. After lunch I helped out a little bit, brought the dishes in the kitchen and swept. Back in the conference room, two prizes were drawn and there were a couple of pictures taken of the gathering.

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