I know my blog readers like to see pictures from different places in Labrador, so I’m going to share some from a personal trip I took this summer.

Back in August, I travelled to Mulligan, a popular cabin spot that used to be a community about halfway between North West River and Rigolet. My grandparents have a cabin there because my grandfather used to live in Mulligan when he was young. The Chaulks lived in Pearl River but moved to Mulligan so that their kids could go to school. (Remember the song “Pearl River” by Byron “Fiddler” Chaulk?)

We were going to go to the site of the old school, but the path to it is grown over now.

I’ve heard so much about Mulligan my whole life, so it was really nice to be able to go with my family. The trees were a lot taller than in some pictures I’d seen, but it’s not surprising, because Mulligan seems very lush! There’s lots of greenery and it is very picturesque! I can see why my grandmother would call it one of her favourite places on earth.

This is where my grandfather lived when he was young.

Even my dog came, and he loved it too. There’s a beach all along Mulligan, and he ran up and down the sandy shore as soon as we let him off the boat.

My dog Chance had the time of his life in Mulligan. He'd been sort of hesitant of the water before, but he discovered that he really loved it when we were there!

Chance ran all over the beach in Mulligan, back and forth, back and forth! He's a really fast dog, too, so he covered a LOT of ground!

The place was covered in redberries and wild peas. Yum! We picked a couple to munch on while we sat on the beach. (We’d forgotton the keys to the cabin. Oops!)

Wild peas growing in Mulligan!

After visiting that part of Mulligan, we visited the cemetary to visit some graves of family and friends. Even the graveyard was quite beautiful – very quiet, peaceful and moss covered. Unfortunately, some gravestones were broken off – damage quite possibly caused by ski-doos going over them in winter. 😦

Readers familiar with Sketches of Labrador Life and The Diary of Thomas L. Blake would know that both those writers are from Mulligan, and I saw their graves as well.

Hope you enjoyed my trip to Mulligan – I sure did!



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