Accidental Whale Watching (Battle Harbour pt. 3)

Picture Heavy Post Ahead!

Back in August (sorry for all the posts about a couple of months ago, but I love to share photos!) when I went to Battle Harbour, we flew over some interesting sights. Because our plane had to pick up some people in St. Anthony, we flew to Mary’s Harbour from there, which made for more exciting scenery.

First we flew over some communities (nobody lives there anymore):

Cape Charles

But that wasn’t all we saw.

Then I saw a whale! From the airplane! I was a little too slow to get a picture (not to mention, too high up) but you can sort of see where they were. I was so excited!

Wow! Seeing a whale from the plane! Imagine that.

Then we landed in Mary’s Harbour and boarded a boat that would take us to Battle Harbour. Oh, the air was lovely and to see all the islands and the water, it was wonderful.

On the boat, we started to see some sea gulls.

But I didn’t actually think we’d see what we saw next.

Then some whales made an appearance!!!

Oh, there were whales!! And much more close up than from the plane. We didn’t even need our binoculars, really.

And more whales! The sightings just became more and more spectacular.

They were so close!

Then some porpoises started coming around, and they started to swim next to us! This was as zoomed out as my camera could go - THAT's how close they were!

Oh so close!

Then we kept seeing more whales...oh so many of them!

There were so many of them! Everybody on the boat had a great view of the whales. We were surrounded!

They liked having an audience, I think.

The whales were really just as pleased as us.

They were showing off all over the place!

They’d surface, we’d gasp and cheer and get excited.


And then they were jumping!!! WOW!!!! They did this about three times, but this was the only shot I got.

Crazy, hey?! Wow. I’ve been on whale watching tours, but nothing has been as spectacular as that ferry ride from Mary’s Harbour to Battle Harbour. It was the perfect start to our stay.

On the way back, we saw a few too, but it was like they knew we were sad to go and they didn’t give us a show.




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3 responses to “Accidental Whale Watching (Battle Harbour pt. 3)

  1. WJM

    First picture is Cape Charles.

  2. Fixed! Thank you – I knew somebody out there would know! 🙂


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