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Last day at Them Days

It has already been almost 3 months since my arrival in Goose bay and I’m already leaving, I love it sooo much!! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I loved everything about Goose Bay and Labrador, and I’m going to miss it very much. Labrador is a unique and exceptional place, and to me there is no other place like it. Labrador’s people make it such a warm and welcoming place, despite its arctic climate and rough land (I’m kind of sad that I didn’t get to live here during the winter time!). I’ve learned so much about Labrador’s history, culture and mores and feel extremely lucky to have been able to experience them by living here. I got to know a lot more about Canada too, having met the other Katimavik participants from all over, and many people from Labrador. I feel privileged to have been able to live within this community that welcomed our Katima-family with open arms. Goose Bay is such a special town and has so much character! We’ve been to Muskrat Falls, Birch Brook, the Labrador creative arts festival and we even got to go to North West River. We were volunteers at the trapline marathon, participated in the terry fox run. We even got to see the northern lights!! And I’m sure I’m forgetting so much more, but everything we’ve done was amazing.

Not only am I going to miss Goose Bay, I will miss Them Days very much. I enjoyed working at Them Days and truly appreciate the chance that they have given me in letting me work here. I’ve had so many opportunities to learn and experience this type of work fully. I’ve had the chance to work in the archive, go on interviews and transcribing, help researchers and customers and I even got to help a little bit with the upcoming issue! I am so grateful and I feel very lucky to have been able to have a little part in Them Days history, I will miss it a lot! Aimee was such a great person to work with and was always there to help and answer questions whenever I needed it. She was so much fun to be around!

So, with that, I say my goodbye to Them Days and Goose Bay… At least until next summer!



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Time flies, less than a week left

Yesterday, I just got back from a week “off” from work, I was house manager at the Katimavik house. I can’t believe this is my last week working here, it has gone by so fast!! Two and a half months ago, I started volunteering here at Them Days and it has been a great experience! There have been so many great opportunities, I was able to go to lunch at the elders’ conference at the friendship centre with Sheila, attend a women’s lunch at the church with Aimee, tag along for a couple of interviews, learn about the archive and the library at them days, as well as the place itself.

I remember the first week I was here, I was kind of at a loss, I wasn’t too sure of what I was supposed to do and I was really nervous. After I got over my initial apprehension, I was able to do what needed to be done. I’ve been transcribing an interview, and working on a Katimavik article, scanning pictures and going through transcripts for the next issue. I was able to participate in an interview that Aimee had with Horace Goudie, I was so nervous since this was the first interview I’ve actually had a part in, but I was really excited about it and I think it went well. I got to help people with what they needed when they came in the office. There are so many things that I didn’t get to touch upon while working here, but I will make the most of my last week working here as volunteer!


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It all makes sense!

Turns out the office was so quiet yesterday because the phone lines in the area were down! I guess they’ve been out since Monday, but we didn’t notice! Just thought it was quiet. We can get phone calls now, but they’re still not the greatest quality. So if you want noise-free information from us, best to use e-mail right now. Hopefully the phones will be fixed soon.

I’ve been crunching numbers a good part of the day for a funding application, and all the numbers and nitty-gritty definitions are making my head spin. One of the joys of working at a non-profit organization, I guess. 🙂 So right now, typing out this blog entry is a little break from doing that. Sorry if it’s not very exciting – I blame the fact that I’m working on an application that doesn’t require creativity. (Now those are the fun ones!)

I’m just waiting on a couple of things for the issue, but after that, it should be done. So be sure to renew your subscription now if you got a renewal notice with your September issue. You don’t want to miss the next issue!


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Quiet days

Caroline is on house manager week right now, so the office is pretty quiet, save for the radio. Not that she’s noisy or anything, but if 1/3 of your office was gone, you’d find it quiet too! I’ve been busy finishing up the next issue, and it’s shaping up to be pretty good.

That doesn’t really make for interesting ‘around the office’ pictures, so in lieu of looking at me sit in front of a computer, here are some animals I saw at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

I really loved the preserve and seeing all the animals. I even went a little nuts in the little gift shop, buying up gifts. (Hey – when was the last time you saw a toy caribou or lynx?! Great stuff for northern kids!) The tour group thought it was funny.

So, if you’re a little far from Whitehorse, enjoy this little virtual tour around the preserve.

A female elk and lots of bison!

A male elk, Columbo, who has been at the Wildlife Preserve since he was a baby!

Columbo was a fun subject to take photos of. So many faces!

You know that lesson that all Canadian kids learn about licking metal in the winter? Baaaaaa!

All the animals at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve are found in the Yukon, but the deer are a recent addition, having moved up from further south. They're still not used to it though, so these mule deers can get frostbitten ears!

Hello lynx! How's it going? (It was behind an electric fence!)

Arctic fox in his winter coat, eating some food. Nom nom nom.

Hello, I'm a caribou. You may find me on the Canadian quarter -- or your dinner plate!

(That said, considering the news in recent days around here, you’ll be seeing a lot less of this guy on your dinner plate in the future. I swear I wrote that caption last week!)

This muskox, named Jessie, was raised by humans and prefers human company to that of her fellow muskoxen. I love muskoxen, so I was soooooo excited to see one in person!

Rocky the moose was just too big for a normal picture, so I just took a lot of detail shots. Ever want to see a moose's nose and teeth close up?


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Closed for Remembrance Day

In honour of our veterans, Them Days will be closed on Thursday, November 11. We will reopen again as usual on Friday, November 12 at 8:30 am. Thank you for your understanding.

To learn more about Labrador’s veterans, please visit our Virtual War Memorial.

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Back from the Yukon!

Hello everyone!

Aimee here, back from Whitehorse. I was hoping to update from there, but between the time zone changes, the travel and the busy-ness of my schedule up there, I didn’t have much time for anything but sleep! I’m more used to travelling to places like Nain for work, not clear across the country!

I spent a few days in downtown Whitehorse (yes, it has a real downtown!) for the Northern Summit on the Social Economy. It was super interesting, and I liked hearing about the research that was going on and hearing about what other non-profit organizations were doing across the north.

On the last day of the summit, we went for a tour of some social economy organizations in Whitehorse. We stopped in at Yukon College for lunch, then continued on to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, then Raven Recycling and then finally ended our day at the Yukon Artists at Work Co-operative. The day before, I’d stopped by the Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon, MacBride Museum of Yukon History, and Yukon Quest, the 1000 mile sled dog race. It was really cool to see other organizations and what they do!

Whitehorse, on the whole, was very, very cool. It definitely had a more urban feel than Goose Bay! (While the Yukon’s population is the same size of Labrador’s, Whitehorse’s population is 3/4 of that, so about three times larger than HV-GB.)

There was PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION (and might I point out that Nuuk, Greenland, is only 14,000 and also has a bus system?!), restaurants GALORE (all sorts of cuisines unavailable here, where it’s difficult to find food that isn’t fried – there was Carribean, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Italian, etc.), at least THREE bookstores (including a super awesome independent one called Mac’s Fireweed Books – go there if you’re in the area!), bakeries, cafes, and a Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, Shopper’s Drug Mart and McDonalds if you like that sort of thing too. People were walking around on sidewalks (yes, SIDEWALKS!) and there were lots of cyclists too. Speaking with one of them, I learned that there’s about 100 hard core winter cyclists too. We have a few too, but not so many.

It was a real eyeopener to what a northern city can have and can offer. I mean, it helps that it’s in a territory and on the road to Alaska. But honestly, I was blown away. I didn’t even get to see the Canada Games Centre up close, but people tell me that it’s a great place to visit. I brought my bathing suit just in case, but I didn’t get to go.

So, anyway, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about how awesome Whitehorse is, so on with the pictures! (And don’t worry, I’m not leaving Labrador anytime soon — it’s my home! 🙂 )

Aerial shot of Whitehorse

View from my hotel room

An ad on the community channel for the Social Economy Cafe, where I had a booth. Of course, I forgot to get a photo of myself at the booth, but it was a nicely laid out table, if I do say so myself!

One of these ravens landed at my hotel room window and knocked with his beak. But when I grabbed my camera, he was gone. He'd flown to the ground with a friend.

Me at the Northern Summit on the Social Economy.

I have to say, the Yukon College campus was pretty awesome. There was artwork all around, soaring ceilings, and woodbeams. Heck, there was even live music at lunchtime. It was beautiful, which I think is important for learning. You should be inspired to learn in surroundings like that!

Yukon College - an example of the architecture

At the Yukon Native Languages Centre, we saw lots of resources materials for teaching the local languages.

We stopped by at Raven Recycling, a non-profit recycling centre. You can recycle ANYTHING in Whitehorse, not just the stuff that you pay a deposit on and get a refund for. The money that Raven Recycling makes goes into recycling the not-so lucrative stuff — they just want to divert it from the landfill! They have the same problems we have in terms of shipping, but they make it work. I was sooooooo impressed. It’s one of my pet peeves, not being able to recycle anything. I don’t even want money, I just want to know that it’s being recycled.

Recycling facilities in Whitehorse

The inside of Raven Recycling -- the recyclables in flattened bundles

I totally forgot to take photos at the Artists’ Coop, but I have to say, the artwork was simply amazing. I loved it!

Then, on my last night there, I met up with a cousin of mine I’d never met before. She was super cool and I was so glad I got to meet her, since obviously, we live very far apart. I’m telling you, for all the cousins I’ve got in Goose Bay and elsewhere in Labrador, I really do have family everywhere.

Me, tired after being awake for 5 hours already by 10:00 am. Ready for a looooooooong day and night of travel!

See that poppy? That was Poppy 3 of 4 for the trip. Number 4 has now disappeared as well. I swear, I leave a trail of poppies in my wake every November! But hey, always good to drop another loonie in the box.

I had 9.5 hours in Calgary on the way back, but instead of hanging around the airport, my high school best friend and figurative partner-in-crime took me around the city in which she now lives. Just as I'd thought from knowing Zak and Jenna, Calgary is crazy about the Flames!

It was a looong day of travel. I left Whitehorse at 10:00 am on Friday and arrived back here in Goose Bay at 1:00 on Saturday afternoon, after three long flights, including an overnight one. I had a wonderful trip, but I was never so happy to be back home! I was on the verge of kissing Labrador soil.

More photos later of all the animals I saw at the Wildlife Preserve.


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