Quiet days

Caroline is on house manager week right now, so the office is pretty quiet, save for the radio. Not that she’s noisy or anything, but if 1/3 of your office was gone, you’d find it quiet too! I’ve been busy finishing up the next issue, and it’s shaping up to be pretty good.

That doesn’t really make for interesting ‘around the office’ pictures, so in lieu of looking at me sit in front of a computer, here are some animals I saw at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

I really loved the preserve and seeing all the animals. I even went a little nuts in the little gift shop, buying up gifts. (Hey – when was the last time you saw a toy caribou or lynx?! Great stuff for northern kids!) The tour group thought it was funny.

So, if you’re a little far from Whitehorse, enjoy this little virtual tour around the preserve.

A female elk and lots of bison!

A male elk, Columbo, who has been at the Wildlife Preserve since he was a baby!

Columbo was a fun subject to take photos of. So many faces!

You know that lesson that all Canadian kids learn about licking metal in the winter? Baaaaaa!

All the animals at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve are found in the Yukon, but the deer are a recent addition, having moved up from further south. They're still not used to it though, so these mule deers can get frostbitten ears!

Hello lynx! How's it going? (It was behind an electric fence!)

Arctic fox in his winter coat, eating some food. Nom nom nom.

Hello, I'm a caribou. You may find me on the Canadian quarter -- or your dinner plate!

(That said, considering the news in recent days around here, you’ll be seeing a lot less of this guy on your dinner plate in the future. I swear I wrote that caption last week!)

This muskox, named Jessie, was raised by humans and prefers human company to that of her fellow muskoxen. I love muskoxen, so I was soooooo excited to see one in person!

Rocky the moose was just too big for a normal picture, so I just took a lot of detail shots. Ever want to see a moose's nose and teeth close up?



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