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Closed for the Holidays

Hello everyone,

Them Days will be closed for the holidays starting Christmas Eve at noon until January 4, 2011. From all of us at Them Days, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

If you plan to apply for the Administrator position, don’t forget to fax, e-mail or mail your resume before December 31st!


P.S. For some cuteness, check out the red panda cub webcam. Sure to give you some warm fuzzies!


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Issue 34.4 is out in the world!

Issue 34.4

Issue 34.4 is out in the world! It’s been in the mail for a couple days now, so it was time to deliver them to the retail outlets today. (One of the perks of being a subscriber is that your issue goes out in the mail before the magazine goes to the stores.) Special thanks go out to volunteer Jill for delivering the latest issue to the stores. Your help is so much appreciated!

This issue is all about Inuttitut (though don’t worry, if you only read English, you’ll still have plenty to read!) and was put together in conjunction with Torngâsok Cultural Centre in Nain. Remember our awesome summer student Jess? You’ll see her handiwork all over the magazine. Unfortunately, we no longer have a retailer in Hopedale so people in her hometown won’t get to see it. 😦 So maybe if you know anybody in Hopedale, this would make a nice surprise gift! Or better yet, if you live in Hopedale, urge a local store to carry Them Days. It used to be the community with the second-largest Them Days order, but now there are none!

Today has been very quiet. Even when I stepped outside to begin my walk to work this morning, the street was eerily quiet. Now, I live on a pretty busy street – not just by Goose Bay standards – so this was really odd. There wasn’t a car to be seen as far as I could see in either direction. Nothing on Hamilton River Road, either. And we had some newly fallen snow (not a lot, but some – yay!) so it was even quieter because the sound of cars was muffled. Not that there was any car to be seen, anyway. It was like that for a few minutes, then I finally saw a moving vehicle. I even passed by a flock of pigeons just hanging out in the middle of the street – that’s how quiet it was this morning. I guess the schools are closed for the holidays, which cuts down on traffic dramatically! I almost thought that maybe I had missed the memo and it was Christmas already. (Nope, still two more sleeps to go.)

And it’s been soooooo quiet in the office. Somebody come by and buy something! We’ve got calendars, Christmas cards, boxes of 100 for $100, gift subscriptions, anything you want for that last person on your Christmas list. I can’t be the only one with a lot of last-minute shopping to do, can I? If you come by, we can even hang out and have some tea, because I just opened a can of Carnation and it needs to be finished by tomorrow because then we’ll be closed for a week.

Yours in solitude,


P.S. Don’t forget to apply for the Administrator position if you’d like to work at Them Days and keep the office running smoothly. It’s a really awesome work environment and you get to work with really awesome people!

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Looking for a new Administrator (Job Ad!). Also, decorations.

Well, some sad news: We’re without an administrator again and the office is so quiet! (I’m playing some online Christmas radio to liven up the place a bit.) We wish Sheila all the best in her future ventures.

So, if you are on the lookout for a position like the Administrator position, check out the ad here and apply! And if you know of anybody who is looking, please pass on the message.

In other news, Sheila and I decorated the office last week and here is our handiwork! Sheila taught me how to make candy garland and we had a lot of fun.

Sit down, have a spell and don't forget to sign the guestbook! (Also, check out the tropical house plant, decked out in old fashioned Labrador decorations!)

Our little tree. Someone remarked that it's good to have the snowflakes on it, because there aren't any outside! (We have a little bit now though)

Handmade bells and handmade candy garland

The office entrance. Don't the candy garlands make it seem so festive and like a gingerbread house?!

A felt candle, keeping watch along with ADT! lol

A basket of candy...and some Purity crackers! As Sheila remarked, "those are like gold now" because of the Purity strike. And oh so delicious!

If you’re a last minute shopper like me, don’t forget to swing on by to Them Days for some gifts! The magazines are in now (and out in the mail…so hopefully they’ll be distributed to all the mailboxes soon!) so it’s a perfect time to stop in, buy a gift subscription and take the first issue with you to put in a stocking!


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A little bit of sunshine

I’m not talking about literal sunshine, since the sky is as grey as ever (no snow yet though!), but about the light and warmth of others. This week has been a weird week at Them Days, what with the break in and all, but our wonderful volunteers have made it seem a lot better.

We’ve had a couple of people help out with the archive this week and another volunteer helped us with our fire extinguisher installation. We had our last board meeting before Christmas this week as well. So the Lydia Campbell building has had volunteers over to help out almost everyday this week! I’m so glad Them Days has such great community support.

Our volunteers are great! Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this little organization. It’s because of people like you that we’ve been around for 35 years!

Also, thank you to those who have showed concern and wished us well since the break-in. It means a lot!


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Break-in at Them Days

The picture’s blurry, but besides all the sand, that’s glass. Shattered glass, everywhere.

Very early on Saturday morning (2:02am, to be exact), I was roused from my sleep by a disturbing phone call. The security company was calling to let me know that there was a burglar alarm at Them Days.

I raced down and met the police outside the building.

Somebody had broken into the Them Days building. We’re okay, the building is okay (aside from a window soon to be replaced) and everything inside is okay. It would have been much worse had we not had an alarm system, one that we had put in after our last break-in a few years ago.

It’s such a violation, knowing that somebody has broken in and been in here, looking to take things. This is where I work everyday. But it’s more than that. This is where volunteers do good. This is where Labrador history is kept for safekeeping, where many hours of time, sweat and tears from honest people have gone into doing things they think important. People donate their time, money and memories to us, believing we have done and will do good and important work. We’re a registered charity, for crying out loud. We’re not rich. Rich in history, in ideas, and in goodwill, but not in what the burglar was looking for. We’ve all been violated, all of us who have contributed to Them Days and its work.

If you have any information about this break-in, please contact the Happy Valley-Goose Bay RCMP at 896-3383.

Thank you.

– Aimee and the rest of the Them Days Staff & Board

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My office

Ah, my office. Where I spend many an hour, labouring over Them Days. Sometimes it’s messy (usually around deadline time!), but sometimes it’s so clean you don’t want to work in it for fear of messing it up. Sometimes it’s warm (summer!) and sometimes it’s nice and cool when I let the breeze blow through in the spring or in the early fall. Sometimes (in the fall) it smells like burning dust because the heater hasn’t been turned on in months.

When my grandmother first visited the Them Days building since I’ve been working here, she was eager to see which of the two offices I had. She worked here at one time, when it was the Public Health building. (She was a public health nurse and got to travel all over Labrador, checking out babies, giving people their shots and that sort of thing.) She was a little disappointed to learn that my office was the other one! Her office was what’s now the administrator’s office. Our building was also the post office…lots of people remember that when they come in!

I’m not really one for personalizing my office with photos or anything, but if you look closely, you’ll find a few personalizations around. I have to cut out some things from the Labradorian and the Northern Pen for work, and if I see something like pictures of my relatives, friends, or any of our summer students/Katimavik volunteers, they get cut out and stuck up on my bulletin board. I’ve got a picture of Amanda‘s baby too, the one that was growing in her belly every day that she was here (and making her really sick, poor thing!).

Me, sitting in my office. And all the various things on my wall.

There’s a calendar (a Them Days one, of course!), an archives poster, a map of Labrador from 1960 (no Smallwood Reservoir on there!), a reproduction of a map from 1872 that shows where people used to live, and some stuff left over from my summer students (yeah, yeah, I can’t bear to take it down – I miss those girls so much!). I’ve also got a gorgeous piece of artwork on my wall, a triptych painted by Clarice Blake Rudkowski. I swear, everybody who comes in says “Is that Joe Goudie?” (Yes, it is.)

I also tape up my cover selections when I choose them. It’s just nice to see that when you’re working on the magazine.

When I take groups of new Katimavik volunteers on tours of the building, I always joke that my office “is where the magic happens.” Well, maybe not magic, but it’s where the magazine takes shape. Interviews are transcribed and edited down, photos are selected and touched up if needed (getting rid of dust on the photo, some cracks, etc. I don’t mean blemish removal!) and the layout is completed. I liase with the printers, etc. Usually there’s more than one person working in here…summer students, Linkages employees and Katimavik participants all have shared the office with me. It’s nice to have somebody else in here. We have fun.

Caroline, doing some research in the office

Let’s see…what else…I’ve got a few desks in my office, and, to go with them, a few chairs. If my first Katimavik participant Lauren is reading this, I know she’s laughing just reading that. That’s because we used to roll around the office if we needed to consult each other about anything. We wouldn’t, you know, get up and walk to see each other’s work. No siree.

The floor people said that’s a big no-no and now all the chairs are placed on rubber mats. No more rolling around the office!

So there you have it. All about my office!


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Warm Days

So, it’s still warm here in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Yesterday it was so warm that the top layer of ground had apparently thawed, because I couldn’t bike through the Them Days parking lot, it was that muddy. Usually at this time of year, even if we don’t have snow, the ground is hard because it’s frozen. Makes biking on the sand a lot easier! It’s back to being hard again, but we’ll see what it’s like by lunch time!

We have a new Katimavik participant! Her name is Amanda, and even though she hasn’t started yet because she’s on house manager duty this week, I know she is SUPER excited to start working here. In fact, she already has a few Them Days magazines, so maybe she’s reading them this week between preparing meals for the rest of her group. She’s from Victoria, BC, which is maybe why she reminds me of Marleah a little. I can’t wait until she starts!

Other than that, there’s not a lot of stuff going on right now, so there’s not a whole lot to report. Don’t forget to think of us when doing your Christmas shopping!


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