Did we have an earthquake or what?

This morning, upon coming to work, Hope and I noticed that there was a crack in the steps. It was obviously a new crack, since we each noticed it independently and the crack wasn’t just in the concrete, but through the snow on top of the steps.

Upon further inspection, the crack went all the way through our parking lot and into the street. And then THROUGH the street. I didn’t investigate as far as the Notre Dame parking lot, but the crack went right up to it on the other side of the road. I’m half surprised there isn’t a big split through our buildings!

I mean, I know it’s the cold that caused this, but considering the size of the crack and the different materials it went through…makes you wonder about seismic activity, doesn’t it?

The crack on the steps...right up to the building!

The arrow points out to the location of the crack on the steps. As you can see, it travels all the way across the parking lot to where I am positioned.

Same location as the above photo, except I turned around. The crack leaves our parking lot, goes through the road (can't really tell in this photo, but take my word for it) and to the Notre Dame parking lot.


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