Well, the winter started strange but we’ve definitely seen more familiar January/February temperatures lately. It dipped down to -44 with the windchill this morning. Brrr! No wonder the pipes in my house froze! But still we don’t have nearly as much snow cover as we usually would have at this time. Environment Canada says we have something like 16 cm on the ground right now, but if you look at data for previous years, last year at this time we had 46 cm and the year before that we had 126 cm. In 2008 we had 56 cm, and in 2007, it was 67 cm. (All dates are Jan. 31, because they don’t have stats for Feb. 1, 2011 yet.) Big difference, hey? I just keep hoping for a big blizzard but the only thing forecast is sunny skies. If only we could have a big storm and lots and lots of snow!

This weekend we had more inventory counting – and it’s done! The difference to the inventory room is AMAZING. It needed to be reorganized, and it finally has been! There are even EMPTY shelves in there, and before, you’d think that another box couldn’t possibly be stuffed in there. We’re even taking up more room for non-magazine items in there than before, and we still have tons of space. I really can’t get over it.

I took a couple of photos, but of course, I forgot the camera at home. I brought it in yesterday, but yesterday sped by and I didn’t get around to loading the pictures on the computer. And this morning, what with the pipes freezing and everything, it slipped my mind.

One of the things I did yesterday was tally up the volunteer hours for January. Turns out we had just over 175 hours of volunteer effort here at Them Days! Wow! That’s split up between our Katimavik volunteer Leah, our Board members, and a few volunteers who have come in to help out with various things. I’m so thankful to have all their help. They certainly help us to get more things done!!



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