Monday Morning Links

Ah, Monday morning. I had to drag myself out of bed, but I’m mostly awake now. (How is it that I wake up super early on weekend mornings and can’t get back to sleep for the life of me, but on a weekday, I need to summon all my willpower to urge myself out of the bed at a later time?)

So if you need something to wake yourself up, here are some links that might help.

  • Land & Sea: True Blue – for those of you who missed it this weekend (like me), you can watch the latest episode of Land & Sea online. It’s about Labradorite!
  • The restoration of a 240-year-old map – There’s also a related article about how they found the map, and the steps they went through to restore it. The before and after photo shows just how much work goes into a good restoration. The man who did this is a very talented, knowledgeable conservationist!
  • Abe Books – When we get people in here looking for sold out issues of Them Days, I often direct them to this website, which is used by used book stores to publicize their holdings. I was showing it to Hope last week, and we discovered many available copies of Margaret Baikie’s Labrador Memories: Reflections at Mulligan publication. It’s also just amazing to see Them Days for sale across North America! I always wonder: how did that magazine get there? How many hands has it passed through? (Tip: Go to Advanced Search and look for “Them Days” in the publisher field.)
  • Labrador North – The National Film Board recently added a documentary from 1973 on their streaming site, and I watched it on my lunch break a couple of weeks ago. Very interesting, and some familiar faces to be seen (just younger!).

Hope everyone’s week is starting off well!



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