Wasn’t It Just Yesterday?

Alas, wonderful readers, today is my last at Them Days Magazine. I haven’t been here as long as most Katimavik volunteers have — I only started in January and did two days a week — but I feel like Them Days has still made a huge impact on me. I spent my time here calling around the province, from Forteau to Goose Bay to Makkovik, organizing old newspaper files, emailing and transcribing… the days went by quickly. I’m glad I had the two months here, though. I feel like I’ve grown to understand Labrador a little better, through the stories I’ve heard, flipped through, and scanned. I’ve gotten a little taste of the Big Land (and rather fancy it). And I got FREE SUGAR COOKIES!

Awesome! Apparentally this is a tradition here at Them Days — leaving people get cookies! Or maybe it’s just leaving Katima-victims. In any case, I shouldn’t be so thrilled about these.

“Out of your whole experience, what was the best part?” — “SUGAR COOKIES!”

Really, how shallow.


Me with sugar cookies!

They were quite pretty, though. But also kind of heart attack-inducing. I’d forgotten how sweet storebought cookies were. Still, they were a gift! And therefore awesome!

sugar cookies

So bright and sparkley!

Aimee and I shared them, too. Couldn’t really eat them all myself. She also took me out for lunch (and thank goodness for that — my made-at-ten-PM-last-night pasta lunch was a bit TOO spiced)! We went to one of Happy Valley’s more popular of the, what, three dining places? Still, three is three more than my village back home has. Anyway, we had a lovely dinner of assorted-whatever-we-picked-out-from-the-buffet, and I learned the fine art of toasting bread. We had a lot of fun with the weirdo questionaire cards on the table, too. They were made to start conversation, but we figured a few — namely those asking, “What contrubution do you make to your family and do you think it is appreciated?” and “Should parents stay together when they are unhappy or get divorced?” — might make for more awkward arguments. In any case, we had fun!

Picture's kinda blurry...


But the sad finale to this brilliant day is that I’ve only five more days in Katimavik, and this is my last day at Them Days. I’m gonna miss this place. The people’ve been awesome, the place has been awesome, the weather could use some work, but that’s irrellivent… in any case, I’d like to thank Them Days, Aimee, and all the people who’ve come and gone from here.

Thank you, Labrador. You’ve made this an excellent three months.

– Leah


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