Mailout, Melanie, a speech, and call centre recognition

The busy-ness doesn’t stop! But at least now I have somebody here in the office with me to deal with it!

Our new administrator, Melanie, started on Monday, and boy, it was quite the day to start off a new job! That’s right, the magazines arrived! That means that her nice, relaxing orientation to Them Days was interrupted by hundreds of magazines making an appearance, and having to deal with everything related to that. Nothing like being thrown into the thick of things right off, eh?

Well, with some help from a couple of Board volunteers, we managed to get the magazine out to the subscribers yesterday. That’s pretty darn efficient for being pretty much unprepared in the office AND having somebody starting off with their first day! It’s pretty darn efficient if you’re organized and you’ve got a bunch of old hats working at it. So we’re pretty proud of ourselves right now.

So for all of you subscribers, the magazines should be in your mailbox any day now (especially if you’re local), and the local retailers will be distributed shortly (we like to give it a few days to show up in the subscribers’ mailboxes first). It’s all in the post office’s hands now!

Magazines sorted and about to be mailed.

Melanie and Robin hard at work on the mailout.

Melanie mailing the magazines!

Last week, I also had the opportunity to attend (and speak at) the Labrador Symposium on the Social Economy. Remember when I went to Whitehorse? This symposium was held by the same people (SERNNoCa – Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada) but with a Labrador focus instead of a pan-Northern one. It was really interesting and I was glad to be a part of it!

Giving a presentation at the Labrador Symposium on the Social Economy

Also, we’ve had a couple of complaints from customers that they have been trying to contact us by phone and the phones are just ringing and ringing – not even going to voicemail! This is very strange. If you have been having the same problem, please write us or e-mail us and we can call you, or address your inquiry by the other methods. I put a call into the phone company and they tested the line for us and it was fine, but I figured it was good to let them know that something was up. Anyway, the reason why I’m telling you this is two-fold. The lady on the other end of the line at the call centre said she was a fan and a reader of Them Days!! Isn’t that cool? I was calling out of province, so this was especially surprising and exciting. I mean, when I make these sorts of phone calls, people on the other line usually trip up over the name and have obviously never heard of us or what we do (even in-province), so I was very pleasantly surprised by this. It’s not like I’m Anna Wintour, calling from Vogue or something. (And somehow, I doubt she calls the phone company with these sorts of issues.)

Have a good day, dear readers!



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  1. Congratulations on the magazine and getting helping hands!

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