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Happy 3rd anniversary to me! / Film Screening at LFC

Yesterday marked my third year of working full-time at Them Days (prior to that, I worked on contract for a little while). It’s funny, I was looking forward to the date but then on the day of, I completely forgot! Then I remembered this morning. All yesterday, I had this nagging feeling like something was supposed to happen, and I guess that’s why!

So much has happened over the three years, and I have gotten to know all sorts of different people through my job. It has been a lot of fun, and it has been really hard for me to plan things for the next year knowing I won’t be here for them! Erg!

I also wanted to let you know of a film screening that’s occuring this weekend. The Labrador Institute is putting on a monthly screening of films/videos from their collection called “Labrador/ians on Film”, and tomorrow is their second showing. Called The Moravian Presence, they will be looking at the effects of the Moravian arrival in Labrador, and I believe they have some home video there along with other videos. It’s at 2:00 at the Labrador Friendship Centre, and you can drop in at any time!



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Job Opportunity!

Yes, you’ve read that right. Yet another job ad for Them Days! This time though, it’s a little different. This job ad is for MY job. Yes, mine. (You don’t know how much this pains me…or maybe I should say, how much it will!) It’s not that I want to leave, but I have a very good reason.

You see, for the past several months, not only have I been working on the magazine and in the archive, but I’ve also been busy cooking up a new little Labradorian at the same time. You might have noticed that I’ve been getting plumper and plumper in each photo I post. Well, I’m now in my third trimester and reality is setting in…I’m going to have to go on maternity leave soon!

Wait...what's that? A baby in my belly? Guess that means it's time for maternity leave soon! (Photo by Stephenie Williams)

So yeah, there you have it. A full baby-belly photo for proof!

And without further ado…here’s my job ad too:

Click on the image to see the job ad in full size

So if you too would love to have the amazing job of Them Days Editor (only temporarily though–I’m coming back!), be sure to apply. I can vouch that it’s a really, really awesome job!


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Back from the long weekend!

We had a pleasant Easter weekend here in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The weather has warmed up (though the wind is certainly chilly today!) and now most of the snow is gone. I can’t believe how fast it’s been going! Seems like spring might actually be here. (Knock on wood!) I spent much of the weekend with my best friend, who’s back in town for a visit this week. So that was nice. I hope you had a good weekend as well!

So it’s been back to the grind here at Them Days. Morgan and I are working on the next issue, and all the time, the scanner’s going in the background (Morgan is busy scanning things). Things don’t stop here at Them Days!

Anyway, speaking of work, I should get back to it! Mostly I just wanted to update the blog so that it didn’t say “Closed for the weekend” anymore! ūüôā


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Them Days Closed for Good Friday & Easter Monday Holidays

Just a note to let you know that the Them Days office will be closed on Good Friday (Friday, April 22, 2011) and Easter Monday (Monday, April 25, 2011). We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope that you enjoy the long weekend!


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Hello again!

¬†¬†¬†¬† This is your newest Katimavictim speaking.¬† I’ve now been in Labrador for almost three weeks and been at Them Days for almost two!¬† Time flyyys!¬†¬† So far we’ve really been enjoying the Goose Bay and its¬†slow pace.¬† It’s just what I needed after 3 months of go-go-go.¬† Moving from Winnipeg to Goose Bay is a shock to the system!!¬†¬† Our big outtings now include walking to Tim Hortons, walking to The Bargain store, going to the pool andd just walking in general.¬†¬†¬†Last weekend we got to volunteer at¬†the¬†skating arena.¬† We sold 50/50 tickets and got to stick around for the skating show!¬†¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I’ve been working at Them Days for 2 weeks now and It’s great.¬† ¬†I’m still busy digitizing a seemingly endless amount of old photos.¬† Alot of them are over a hundred years old, so the pictures are fascinating.¬† We’ve also been reading through transcript after transcipt to find¬†good articles for the next magazine!¬†¬† The interviews about life back then are so fascinating, they worked so hard raising kids, hunting, trapping and fishing.¬†¬†¬† I love this place, theres so much culture and beautiful scenery, and I can’t wait for spring to get here!!

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Spring Cleaning

As you read earlier on the blog, Friday and Saturday were the days for this year’s Spring Cleaning event. I should probably say “First Annual Spring Cleaning event,” since we’re hoping to make this a yearly thing.

The first person to come by on Friday was Chesley Lethbridge, who, as you may know, has written some books about life in Labrador’s past. He’s full of stories and lots of fun to talk with. Anyway, he was the first person to drop off something for us on the actual day of the event. (We had received a few things early, but Mr. Lethbridge’s visit was especially exciting because he was the first official on-the-day-of donation.)

Chesley Lethbridge

He brought us a coastal inventory report that he had worked on with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. It’s a great reference piece, and I’m glad to have it here at Them Days!

Over the next two days, we had other donations of books, language acquisition material, audio, reports, etc. It was really exciting to see everything come in…you never know what’s out there!

If you’re still interested in donating to the archive or reference library, you are more than welcome to do so! We accept things at all times.

So all in all, we had a really fun time. We watched videos, had great discussions about them days (the time period, not the organization ;)), all while drinking tea and eating cookies. Not a bad way to spend a couple of days! Especially getting to see people and seeing what was just hiding in people’s closets!

If we didn’t get to see you this year, I hope you’ll come by either sometime soon or next year, at the very least!


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Spring Cleaning is Here!

Our Spring Cleaning event is here!! If you were listening to CBC Labrador Morning this morning, you would have heard me talking about it…and if you didn’t, you’re just going to have to wait until the podcast is uploaded to their website! UPDATE: You can now listen to the interview online!

Of course, the weather is cooperating well, and it’s a balmy spring day here in Happy Valley-Goose Bay–just the kind of day when you want to get cleaning and get out of the house!

Okay, okay, that’s not true at all. It’s -28 out there with the windchill–just the kind of day that you want to stay inside and not see in the middle of April. But, hey, it’s sunny!

So come on down and enjoy some old videos, eat a cookie, drink some tea, and help contribute to the growth of our archive!!

Learn more about our Spring Cleaning Event!


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