Spring Craft Fair

Most of the craft fairs take place in the fall, when everybody is looking for Christmas gifts. But there is one in town during the spring as well, which is nice, because otherwise, you would have to wait a full year before going to a craft fair again! (Though I suppose summer is really yard sale season, so the people who love sales go out every Saturday morning anyway.)

That sale was on Saturday, and so we were out there, selling magazines and cards and reminding people of the Spring Cleaning event coming up THIS Saturday.

Issue 34.2I also found out the names of two of the ladies on the cover of Issue 34.2. The two women in front (with the sewing machines) are Janet Pasteen and Mary Joseph Pasteen. So many thanks go to the woman who told me their names, and also many thanks to the young man (I’m guessing her grandson) who helped translate for us!

If you ever know anybody in the magazine who is unidentified, don’t hesitate to let us know! Many photo descriptions in our archive are incomplete, so we would really like to know who’s in there. And each year, the number of people who can be named grows smaller and smaller as the population gets older and older, so please, help us identify!

Melanie and I after the set up of the booth for the Spring 2011 Labrador Traditions Craft Fair.

Many thanks to Robin, Linda, and Clarice for helping out at this fair!

And don’t forget – our Spring Cleaning event is this weekend, so if you would like to donate an item to the Them Days Archive, it’s a perfect time to do so! We’ll have snacks and videos to watch and all sorts of good stuff like that!



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