Hello again!

     This is your newest Katimavictim speaking.  I’ve now been in Labrador for almost three weeks and been at Them Days for almost two!  Time flyyys!   So far we’ve really been enjoying the Goose Bay and its slow pace.  It’s just what I needed after 3 months of go-go-go.  Moving from Winnipeg to Goose Bay is a shock to the system!!   Our big outtings now include walking to Tim Hortons, walking to The Bargain store, going to the pool andd just walking in general.   Last weekend we got to volunteer at the skating arena.  We sold 50/50 tickets and got to stick around for the skating show!  

                            I’ve been working at Them Days for 2 weeks now and It’s great.   I’m still busy digitizing a seemingly endless amount of old photos.  Alot of them are over a hundred years old, so the pictures are fascinating.  We’ve also been reading through transcript after transcipt to find good articles for the next magazine!   The interviews about life back then are so fascinating, they worked so hard raising kids, hunting, trapping and fishing.    I love this place, theres so much culture and beautiful scenery, and I can’t wait for spring to get here!!


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