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Finishing Up!

          Hi Everyone!!  Hope you all had a good long weekend!  This week we’ve all been super busy finishing the next issue!!  We finally finished the article about Katimavik in Labrador that  four previous Them Days Katimavikers have worked on!  I have also done a few sketches for the upcoming issue.  It’s so great to have seen this magazine start through finish!  I’m excited to see the completed product.  I just realized that I only have a couple weeks left at ThemDays, it’s so sad.  Next week I’ll be staying home to cook and clean for the Katima-house!  It’ll be my last House Managership in Katimavik! 

                       I also wanted to remind everyone that this Sunday, May, 29th 2-4pm at the Labrador Friendship Centre there will be the third screening of  “Labrador and Labradorians On Film.”    This month’s screening theme is, “Impressions of the Innu.”  They will be showing footage of the Innu filmed as early as 1920, as well as film exploring early explorers interactions with the Innu people they met throughout their travels.  Admission is free and drop-in’s are welcome at any time!!

 – Morgan


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Busy busy busy!

Things have been hectic since I’ve come back from vacation, only made more so by the fact that we had Monday off for Victoria Day! I hope you had a nice long weekend…mine flew by! It doesn’t really seem like I had a weekend, even though I spent it with my grandparents so it was almost like a mini-vacation from home (even though they just live on the other side of town!).

As I mentioned earlier, we have new additions to the office. Chelcie is our summer student, and as she’s a journalism student, you can imagine how much of a help she is to me as I put together the magazine! She’s only been here a short time, but already, she’ been helping tons. Chelcie will start contributing to the blog next week (and she’s writing a series of book reviews!), so I’ll let her introduce herself more at another time. For now, here’s a photo of her doing some proofreading.

Chelcie proofreading the magazine

Jill is our other recent addition to the office. She was hired through the Inuit Pathways program, and she’s working in the archive as our Archive Technician. She’s getting us through all the Spring Cleaning acquisitions, and also through some other back-logged items. Before she started working here, Jill volunteered here, doing the type of things that she’s currently working on. I’m so glad we were able to hire her, even if it’s just for the short-term! I always enjoyed having her volunteer here, so I’m definitely happy to have her here full-time.

Jill’s currently visiting family in Makkovik (I’m so jealous!) and just now, it occurred to me–why didn’t we send her up there with a tape recorder?! Ah! Jill has previous experience doing oral history interviews, so she’d be an old hat at it. (See, she is a totally perfect fit for Them Days!) Anyway, that’s why we don’t have a photo of her, so you’ll just have to do with a photo of another hard-working Them Days team member, Morgan. As always, our Katimavik volunteer Morgan is industriously working away at something. We are super-lucky to have her here as well.

Morgan organizing some periodicals

(Can you tell I love working with everyone here at the office?! We have the best team ever!)


P.S. She tried to avoid the camera, but if you look closely at the photo of Morgan, you can see our amazing administrator Melanie working in her office too!

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Back to Normal!

         Life is back to normal again!  All of us Katimavikers are back from billeting and home sweet home!  As nice as it was to be away I think we are all happy to be back together.  Aimee is back from vacation and the office is sure not a lonely place anymore!!  With Aimee, Chelcie, Melanie, Jill and I this place is bustling.  We are busy finishing the next issue.  I have been busy digitizing more slides and finishing up an article about Katimavik, which is very exciting!  Aimee, Chelsie and I are busy today doing interviews for our upcoming issue and looking for great cover photos.  

                    We’re all looking forward to the long weekend!  In every Katimavik rotation we get 1 blissful 48hrs off, 48hrs to go anywhere we want, eat anything we want and do anything we want!!   Because of the long weekend we got ours lengthened to 72 hrs which is amazing!  I hope everyone has a great long weekend!!


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Back from vacation!

After a two-week vacation, I’m back in the office and we’re busier than ever! The office keeps growing (more on that later) and with more people, it means we’re getting more done. In fact, we have more people than computers right now, which is a little frustrating…but it just means that we have to find non-computer work to do! In this digital era, most of the work we do is on the computer, from digitizing slides to typing up archival descriptions of new acquisitions to doing the layout of the magazine.

We took a little break yesterday from all the work to celebrate Melanie’s birthday, complete with some healthy banana muffins. Mmm!

Melanie's Birthday

It’s sweltering here in HV-GB today. It’s apparently 21 degrees out there, which is way too hot for this Labradorian! (At least until I get out all my summer clothes, anyway.) Maybe I should go find something to do in the nice, cool archive!


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Glad To Be Back!!

Hello Again!!

    Today is my first day back at Them Days after being House manager, and It’s goood to be back!! I cooked, I cleaned and cooked and cleaned a bit more and am not sad to see it go!  This week is billeting week for us Katimavikers so we get to leave our comfortable Katima-house and live with strangers for a week!!  So far so good, its so nice to have the comforts of home again!! Mostly having a t.v and NOT having to share the bathroom with 10 people!  Aimee is still on vacation having an awesome time and other than that not much has changed around here!! 

       Last week I got to tag along with Aimee to an archival meeting, which was so great!  I got to eat delicious food and learn a bit more about Labradors history and culture!!  Tomorrow we get to meet the newest member of our Them Days team, Chelcie.  Thats right we are getting a summer student!!  We’re excited to have her!  With only two people in the office we were getting pretty lonely!

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Lonely days!

   Hello!    I’ve been here for almost a month now and things are going great!  Times flying by and I can’t believe I’ve already been here this long!  It’s been a busy month, getting to know Labrador and seeing all of its beauty.  Last weekend we got to hike to Muskrat falls!  It was a great hike with beautiful scenery!  We also had a chance to go to North West River to visit the other Katimavik group, that was great we had an easter egg hunt.   As it gets nicer and nicer out its great to get outside and  get some exercise and fresh air.

             Its going to be a lonely 2 weeks at Them Days!  On Friday Aimee flew out of town to Toronto.  Shes taking a well deserved 2 week vacation!  To make matters worse next week in my house managing week!  When a Katimaviker in house manager they stay home from work and do the cooking ,cleaning and other house tasks!  Basically you act as a stay at home mom for 10 teenagers.   I’m excited to stay at home and cook yummy food.  After a week of staying at home I’ll definately be ready to get back to work!  And I’m sure Melanie will be ready for some company!

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Come Home Year

Here’s a video about the Come Home Year in Labrador this year! Are you coming home to Labrador? I know a few people are coming back for a visit…should be a festive summer!

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