Glad To Be Back!!

Hello Again!!

    Today is my first day back at Them Days after being House manager, and It’s goood to be back!! I cooked, I cleaned and cooked and cleaned a bit more and am not sad to see it go!  This week is billeting week for us Katimavikers so we get to leave our comfortable Katima-house and live with strangers for a week!!  So far so good, its so nice to have the comforts of home again!! Mostly having a t.v and NOT having to share the bathroom with 10 people!  Aimee is still on vacation having an awesome time and other than that not much has changed around here!! 

       Last week I got to tag along with Aimee to an archival meeting, which was so great!  I got to eat delicious food and learn a bit more about Labradors history and culture!!  Tomorrow we get to meet the newest member of our Them Days team, Chelcie.  Thats right we are getting a summer student!!  We’re excited to have her!  With only two people in the office we were getting pretty lonely!


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