Back from vacation!

After a two-week vacation, I’m back in the office and we’re busier than ever! The office keeps growing (more on that later) and with more people, it means we’re getting more done. In fact, we have more people than computers right now, which is a little frustrating…but it just means that we have to find non-computer work to do! In this digital era, most of the work we do is on the computer, from digitizing slides to typing up archival descriptions of new acquisitions to doing the layout of the magazine.

We took a little break yesterday from all the work to celebrate Melanie’s birthday, complete with some healthy banana muffins. Mmm!

Melanie's Birthday

It’s sweltering here in HV-GB today. It’s apparently 21 degrees out there, which is way too hot for this Labradorian! (At least until I get out all my summer clothes, anyway.) Maybe I should go find something to do in the nice, cool archive!



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