Finishing Up!

          Hi Everyone!!  Hope you all had a good long weekend!  This week we’ve all been super busy finishing the next issue!!  We finally finished the article about Katimavik in Labrador that  four previous Them Days Katimavikers have worked on!  I have also done a few sketches for the upcoming issue.  It’s so great to have seen this magazine start through finish!  I’m excited to see the completed product.  I just realized that I only have a couple weeks left at ThemDays, it’s so sad.  Next week I’ll be staying home to cook and clean for the Katima-house!  It’ll be my last House Managership in Katimavik! 

                       I also wanted to remind everyone that this Sunday, May, 29th 2-4pm at the Labrador Friendship Centre there will be the third screening of  “Labrador and Labradorians On Film.”    This month’s screening theme is, “Impressions of the Innu.”  They will be showing footage of the Innu filmed as early as 1920, as well as film exploring early explorers interactions with the Innu people they met throughout their travels.  Admission is free and drop-in’s are welcome at any time!!

 – Morgan


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