Wow, this week has flown by! (Even though it seems like it hasn’t stopped raining…at least it’s making the grass turn green. Now all we need is some sunshine!)

This morning, of course, everyone in Canada woke up to a postal strike…Hopefully the Canada Post strike will not last long, as the magazine will need to be sent out once it comes back from the printer! (That should be in a couple weeks’ time.) Cross your fingers.

Last night I was at the Katimavik house for a potluck, as our volunteer Morgan was on house manager duty. (I always miss them when they’re out for the week!) She made a delicious carrot-ginger soup and I had a really great evening! Thanks Morgan!

I have been getting things done on my “Things to do before going on maternity leave” list. Time is getting short now!

Some interesting news/links I’ve come across recently:

That’s it from me today! Look out for a book review by Chelcie soon!



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