Goodbye Them Days!

All of us!

Finally the time has come, and I have to say goodbye. =(  Today was both Aimee and I’s last day at Them Days.  This week has been so great,  I got to make a display box for the magazine to go on the Northern Ranger, got to go out for lunch TWO days in a row and got to eat some delicous orange cupcakes!  Linda even came by with delicous cake.  I can’t believe I’ve already been here three months, its flown by!  I want to thank everyone at  Them Days for being so great!  And everyone in Goose Bay and Labrador for making this experience so amazing!  It’s remarkable that in 5 days I’ll be flying across the country and saying goodbye to this wonderful place.  There are so many things I’ll miss, like the sunny weather, the friendly people and all the delicous Labradorian cuisine! 

Melanie and Aimee wore matching outfits!



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  1. We’ll miss you, Morgan and Aimee!

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