An exciting time indeed

Well hello there!

It is Friday and that is exciting for several reasons. It means it is nearly the weekend and that the new week is nearly upon us. 

Next week is going to be a busy time. We have our new summer student, Thomas, starting on Monday (so look out for his inaugural blog post) and we have the new batch of katimavickers, all fresh and ready, for their interviews on Tuesday. Then we’ll have our new katimavik student starting on Wednesday. Next week we will be having a day of baking and cooking because we just received a review copy of Pure Labrador Cookbook and we’re going to be trying out some recipes with trout and redberries and all the associated deliciousness. Aimee will also have a new baby boy or girl to show off and beam over next week, so we are all very excited about that prospect.

And not so excitingly, next Friday is going to be my last day at the lovely Them Days headquarters. I am packing up and shipping back out to Halifax, for good this time. Though I’m sure I will be visiting again in the years to come.

But let’s not be too down! It is Friday after all and it is meant to get up to 22 degrees today, with no rainclouds in sight. Hurrah!



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